Courses & curriculum

Accredited education

The MSc(OT) - Entry Level program is a full-time study program, fully accredited by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT), on behalf of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). Graduates may write the CAOT national examination in either July or November.

Year One

Please visit the Academic Calendar for course descriptions.

Fall term (on-site)
OCCU 5000 Theories of Occupation, Enabling and Justice
OCCU 5001 Enabling Occupation
OCCU 5002 Health Conditions and Occupational Performance
OCCU 5003 Dimensions of Professional Practice
OCCU 5111  Fieldwork I: 90 hours
ANAT 5217 Functional Human Anatomy
IPHE 5900 Interprofessional Health Education Portfolio
Winter term (on-site)
OCCU 5004 Occupational Assessment and Occupational Analysis
OCCU 5005 Enabling Occupation 2
OCCU 5006 Wellness and Inclusion by Design and Technology
OCCU 5111 Fieldwork I: 90 hours
OCCU 5007  Research Approaches for Occupational Therapists
Spring term (off-site)
OCCU 5222 Fieldwork II: 337.5 hours of full-time fieldwork
Spring term (On-site)
OCCU 6002 Social Influences on Occupational Performance
OCCU 5041 Evidence Based Occupational Therapy

Year Two

Fall term (on-site)
OCCU 6001 Enabling Occupation 3
OCCU 6140 Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy
OCCU 6130 Pharmacology for Occupational Therapists
OCCU 6000 Applied Research I
Winter term (off-site)
OCCU 6111 Fieldwork III: 300 hours of full-time fieldwork
OCCU 6222 Fieldwork IV: 300 hours of full-time fieldwork
Spring term (on-site)
OCCU 5043 Program Evaluation for Occupational Therapists
OCCU 6003 Advanced Practice Issues
OCCU 6600 Applied Research II

Please note: If you need accommodations to meet the fieldwork requirements, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Fieldwork Education Coordinator to explore options early in your first academic term.