Funding & support

A variety of funding options will be available through teaching assistantships and/or government research grants, fellowships and scholarships (for entering students or students at an early stage of the program). A successful applicant may be offered an initial research or teaching assistantship in the first semester. Renewal of the assistantship will be based on merits of coursework and research productivity.

Harmonized Scholarship Process

The Harmonized Scholarship Process (HSP) allows for incoming and current students to apply for several Faculty of Graduate Studies–managed scholarships using a single online application, the complete list of which can be found on our funding application process page. If you are a new applicant, you are not required to be accepted into a Dalhousie graduate program to apply for these scholarships. However, you must have applied to the program before you will be able to accept a scholarship offer, and offers are conditional upon your eventual acceptance into the program.

While not mandatory, GMAT or GRE is an optional departmental (MScB’s) requirement for FGS-managed scholarships (e.g., Harmonized Scholarship, CGS-M, etc.), which means that submitting GMAT/GRE (to when submitting the application for the FGS-managed scholarships (via the online FGS scholarship application system) will improve the chances for you to get an FGS-managed scholarship.

If you wish to apply for the master-level entrance scholarships or research grants for this program, we strongly recommend that you discuss this with your potential thesis supervisor as early as October of the year before your first semester. Please note that all application materials including transcripts and reference letters must be submitted by this deadline. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. The HSP deadline for Fall 2025 admission will be posted in the Fall of 2024. Prior to the deadline, you can withdraw, edit and resubmit your saved application in the online portal. No edits or resubmissions are possible after the deadline. Please note that the HSP scholarships are managed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and therefore we cannot make any accommodation such as deadline extension, etc. For more information relevant to the HSP, please view the details of entrance scholarships for master's students.

Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master's

The federal Tri-Agencies (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council) and their provincial counterparts are dedicated to the creation of new knowledge for the benefit of all Canadians. These agencies support master’s students through the Canada Graduate Scholarships–Master’s Program (CGS-M).

CGS-M scholarships are currently reviewed and awarded through Dalhousie University, with awards issued each year to applicants who, as of December 31 of the year of the competition, have not completed more than 12 months of full-time academic study in their master’s program.

Complete details on the CGS-M application process and eligibility criteria can be found on the Tri-Agency website. Applications are submitted through the Research Portal.

CGS-M award results are announced in early April by the Tri-Agency. Strong applicants are also encouraged to participate in the Harmonized Scholarship Process by opting in to use their CGS-M application to be considered for other awards. Applicants who plan to opt-in to use their CGS-M application for this purpose must do so in the FGS portal by its deadline.

To be eligible to apply for CGS-M Scholarships you MUST meet all these criteria:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You must be enrolled in, have applied for or will apply for full-time admission to an eligible graduate program.
  • As of December 31 of the year you are applying for the scholarship, you must have completed between zero and 12 months of full-time studies in your graduate program.

For more information relevant to the HSP, please view the details of entrance scholarships for master's students.

Douglas C. Mackay Scholarship for MScB students

In addition to the scholarship available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Tri-Agency CGS-M, scholarships are available from the Mackay Fund for students who apply for admission to the MSc in Business. This opportunity is made possible by a generous donation from businessman and alumnus Dr. Douglas C. Mackay (BComm’53, LLD’93). The scholarships are awarded to incoming MScB students based on overall qualification of their application package. All students who apply and submit ALL supporting documents by January 6, 2025, with either GMAT or GRE scores will be considered for this scholarship. No further application is required to be considered for this scholarship.

Mitacs Accelerate Program

This is an internship program designed to build collaborations between academia and industry/community partners.

  • Applications are accepted at any time.
  • The adjudication process is less competitive (high success rate).
  • International students are eligible.
  • The length of internship is scalable. Projects can range from a single 4-month internship unit to multiple units combined to accommodate larger projects.
    • Students may complete up to 4 internship segments (4 months each) during a master’s degree, and up to 8 during a PhD.
  • Each 4-month internship project receives $15,000 in direct funding, with the partner organization (either for-profit or not-for-profit) and Mitacs each providing $7,500.
  • For more details on the program and its application process, visit

Dalhousie MScB Promise Scholarship

The MScB Promise Scholars program offers $1,000/year to one Indigenous or African Canadian student, with preference given to Mi’kmaq or African Nova Scotian applicants. The Promise Scholars program aligns with Dalhousie’s commitment to admit, engage, support and graduate a diverse student body, with attention to enhancing access and success of historically underrepresented students. Our advisors will work with Promise Scholars to ensure they are academically supported and aided in finding work terms and mentors to support their career aspirations. If you self-identify as Indigenous or African Canadian, please fill out the MScB Promise Scholarship Application and complete the Program Application Package prior to March 1. The completed application forms and supporting documents may be submitted by email to

Travel Grant

Conference travel grants can be awarded to full-time graduate students in a master’s thesis program. To be eligible, students must present a poster or paper based on the results of their graduate research at a national or international scholarly meeting or conference. This travel grant is managed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

You are eligible for one FGS travel grant per degree, and you must be registered in the term when you apply and the term when the conference occurs. Supervisor approval must be signified by signature on the application. The maximum amount awarded is $500; this amount is subject to change.

Travel costs can be claimed only for travel from Halifax to the location of the conference and must be based on lowest available fares. Abstract, poster, banquet, and visa costs are not eligible. For conferences within 100 km of Halifax, only registration costs can be claimed; travel costs and per diem costs are not eligible. For more information about the travel grant, including the application procedure, please visit Travel Grant on the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ website.

Data Collection Grant

This grant serves to support graduate students in covering the expenses associated with gathering and analyzing data essential for their thesis research. To apply, please fill out and submit the Data Collection Grant Application Form. Ensure your request is submitted after obtaining REB approval. Notification of the decision will be sent via email within a few weeks of submission. Applications remain open year-round until funding is exhausted. The maximum grant amount available is $750. Upon approval of the Data Collection Grant, you will have 90 days to gather data and submit receipts for reimbursement via Chrome River.


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