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MMM Graduate Projects

The titles of past Graduate Projects (GP) are available below. A limited number of full text, electronic GPs are available through DalSpace Repository and are indicated below. 

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Coastal Zone Management

Abraham, A. G., 2015. Systematic Marine Conservation Planning in the Scotian Shelf Bioregion [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Sybersma, S., 2014. Assessment of Grand Cayman’s George Town Landfill and Application of Integrated Coastal Management for Improved Environmental Sustainability [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Corkum, J., 2013.  Incorporating Participatory Approaches into the Management of Musquash Estuary Marine Protected Area [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Cisneros, P. 2012. Improving resources to assess climate change coastal vulnerability: a pre-assessment criteria of the socio-economic values of working waterfront infrastructures in Nova Scotia. Full Text @ DalSpace

Lin, T.Y. 2012. Incorporating concerns of coastal communities in planning and management: the case study of Port Joli and lessons learned from the Eastport Marine Protected Areas. Full Text @ DalSpace

Reid, M. 2012. Better Planning from better understanding: incorporating historically derived data into modern coastal management planning on the Halifax Peninsula. Full Text @ DalSpace

Amyot, J. 2011. Environmental function analysis as a beach management tool: The Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hastings, K. 2011. Engaging stakeholders in marine conservation planning: Recommendations for moving forward with a bioregional marine protected area network on the Scotian Shelf. Full Text @ DalSpace

Megannety, M. 2011. A review of the planned shipping activity for the Baffinland Mary River Project: Assessing the hazards to marine mammals and migratory bireds, and identifying gaps in proposed mitigation measures. Full Text @ DalSpace

Menard, D. 2011. Nonpoint source pollution and diadromous fish restoration: An analysis of coastal watershed management strategies and their effectiveness. Full Text @ DalSpace

Steele, J.S. 2011. Opportunities to improve and integrate coastal water quality monitoring in Nova Scotia. Full Text @ DalSpace

Wagner, K. 2011. Linking people to places: Evaluating the methodology of collection human-use data from Conservation and Protection Officers for coastal marine protected area planning in Nova Scotia. Full Text @ DalSpace

McCluney, J.K., 2010. A Canadian case study examining participation and capacity building through community consultation in rural coastal communities.

Whalen, J., 2010. Governance of Coastal Water Quality: A case Study of Shellfish Closures.

Mutrie, E., 2010. Stakeholder Participation in the Establishment and Management of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) : Gauging Support for an MPA in Digby Neck and Islands and lessons from Established MPAs.

Chisholm-Lightbourne, J., 2009. Evaluation of candidate sites for coastal marine protected areas in Nova Scotia.

Da Rocha, R., 2009. Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management in Nova Scotia: An analysis of the intergovernmental implementing capabilities.

Harvey, O., 2009. Community-led Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Case Study from Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island.

Rutherford, J., 2009. Shifting Paradigms: An Examination of Self-Determination in Affirming Traditional Coastal Resource Governance in the Mi’kmaq Nation.

Burbidge, C., 2008. Shelter from the storm: Protecting people and property from coastal hazards in Nova Scotia.

Gromack, A.., 2008. Safeguarding “Canada’s Ocean Playground”: Towards federal-provincial collaboration for coastal marine protected areas in Nova Scotia.

Aldous, D. G., 2007. Governance for Integrated Coastal Ocean Management (ICOM) Planning for the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Canada.

Ali, M. A., 2007. Assessment of Possible Impacts in the Coastal Parts of Bangladesh Due to Sea Level Rise and Other Effects of Global Climate Change.

Logan, D., 2007. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way: Integrated Community Based Management in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

Thompson, M. H., 2007. ISO 14001: Quality Environmental Management Standards for Marine Protected Areas?

Weir, P. A., 2007. Windy Horizons: Offshore Wind Farming, a Future Challenge to New Zealand Ocean and Coastal Governance.

Hernandez, R., 2006. Navigating a Course Toward Integrated Coastal Management in Nova Scotia.

Berthier, J., 2005. Managing Nova Scotia’s Coastal Resources: Making the Case for a Provincial Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy.

Heintz, J., 2005. Researching the Effects of Land Use on Nutrient Inputs in Two PEI Estuaries.

Kagi, T. A., 2005. The Potential Role of Community-Based Monitoring in DFO Planning, Management and Operational Decision-making.

Rogers, J. M., 2005. How Constituency Building Can Create the Enabling Conditions for Integrated Coastal Management.

MacKay, C. M., 2003. Integrated Coastal Management as a Framework to Enhance the Sustainability of Marine Tourism in the Digby Neck, Long Island, and Brier Island Region.

Environmental Issues

Gao, W., 2015. Sediment Quality Analysis and Related Management Approaches in Halifax Harbour [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

MacDonell, H., 2015. Examining Community Adaptation Readiness to Climate Change in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Northwest Territories [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Chamberlain, S., 2014. Developing and implementing a research framework to determine the overall use and influence of a long-term marine environmental monitoring program: A Case Study on Gulfwatch in Nova Scotia [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalsSpace

Thompson. R., 2014. An Assessment of the Socio-economic and Marine Environmental Impacts Associated with the St. Kitts and Nevis Geothermal Energy Project [Graduate Project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalsSpace

Will, E. 2014. The use of ecosystem service valuation in environmental sensitivity analysis for ship-source oil spill preparedness and response planning in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Beveridge, L., 2013. A Method for Assessing Coastal Vulnerabilities to Climate Change within an Arctic Community: The Example of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Aker, J. 2012. Marine transport activity in the vicinity of the St Anns Bank area of interest: potential impact on conservation objectives. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hayman, T.W. 2012. Risk vs. public reaction in marine oil spills: a case study analysis of six Atlantic Canadian marine vessel-sourced oil related incidents. Full Text @ DalSpace

Collins, J. A., 2010. Ship brokers and green shipping : Charting a new course for brokers in support of their clients' sustainability objectives.

Xu, F., 2009. Framework for Risk Assessment of Ship-source Oil Spill in Canadian Maritimes.

Reimer, J., 2008. Implementing Marine Wildlife Areas: Lessons from the proposed Scott Islands MWA.

Mangar, V., 2007. Anthropogenic Impacts and Management Strategies in the Conservation of Coral Reefs in the Republic of Mauritius: The Role of Monitoring.

Huong, P. M., 2006. Risk Management of Marine Oil Spill Response in Vietnam: Design of an Improved Response Strategy.

Shainee, M., 2006. Analysis of Sewage Impact on the Marine Environment of the Maldives.

Nanadasena, S., 2005. A proposal for a Special Area Management Plan for Pollution in Puttalam Lagoon in Sri Lanka.

Pinto, D. D., 2005. Conservation and Management of the Marine Biodiversity of Deep-Sea Ecosystems in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction.

Vickers, J. A., 2005. Environmental and Resource Management in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy – The Role of Appropriate Indicators and Indices to Assess Marine Ecosystem Health.

Nagtegaal-Cunningham, E., 2004. Canada’s Third Ocean: Ignore or Embrace?

Machua, S., 2002. Ecotourism and Participatory Planning Approaches: Overcomming Barriers – A Keyan Case.

Law and Policy

Caplan-Vineberg, A. 2014. Offshore Oil and Gas Development in Nunavut: Policy Challenges and Lessons from Atlantic Canada. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS; Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalspace

Kendrick, P. 2014. The Polar Invasion: An Examination of Canadian Policy Perspectives Associated with Arctic Governance. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS; Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalspace  

McLean, S., 2014. A study of the use of data provided by coastal atlases in coastal policy and decision-making [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalspace

Hamrouni, A. 2014. Establishing an appropriate regulatory framework and harmonized security
measures for the Protection of Mixed-Use Marine Facilities within Canadian Ports [graduate
project]. Halifax, NS; Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalspace

Naylor, A., 2013. Integrated Ocean management - Making local global: the role of monitoring in reaching national and international commitments [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

McConney, L., 2013. Monitoring and evaluation of Canada’s Oceans Act marine protected areas: Recommendations for governance, socio-cultural and socio-economic indicators [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

MacIntosh, J., 2013. The Tragedy of the Independent: Public Policy and Traditional Recruitment in Nova Scotia’s Small Boat Fishery. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

MacDonald, S., 2013. Exploring the Potential for Performance Zoning Within the Practice of Marine Spatial Planning [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Cano Chacon, M., 2013.  The role of the information of the Marine Stewardship Council certification process in developing countries: A case study of two Mexico MSC fisheries certified in Mexico [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University.Full Text @ DalSpace

Roy, A. E. 2012. An institutional analysis of Canadian advisory committees: linking committee structure and function to policy changes. Full Text @ DalSpace

Ryan, A. 2012. Evaluating the role and designation of critical habitat for conserving Canadian marine species at risk: a decision framework. Full Text @ DalSpace

McLaren, E. 2011. The standard dilemma: A comparative analysis of global salmon aquaculture standards [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Russell, W. 2011. A proposed Arctic search and rescue strategy for Canada. Full Text @ DalSpace

Garth, C. L., 2009. Sea of no Cares?: An Evaluation of Marine Security in Canada.

Skerritt, E. C., 2007. Advancing Antigua and Barbuda’s Maritime Compliance and Enforcement Program: An Integrated MCS Strategy.

Ali, H. N., 2006. Ocean Law, Policy and Management in Vietnam: The Current Situation and Future Directions in Light of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea and Sustainable Development Principles.

Kennedy-Teale, J., 2006. Arctic Coastal and Ocean Management and Governance Coming of Age in the 21st century.

Mridha, M. A. H., 2005. The Delineation of the Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf: A Rational Implementation of Article 76 in the Bay of Bengal.

Gilbang Jr., V. M., 2003. Piracy In The Southeast Asia Region: Examining the Present Circumstances and Revisiting the Problems of Definition, Deterrence, Reaction and Prosecution.

Bringas, D. A. B., 2003.Challenges Towards a Cooperative Management Regime in the Celebes Sea.

Camaya [Jr.], R. C., 2003. Regulator Uncertainty in the Conduct of Marine Scientific Research in the Philippines: A Critique of the draft recommended Procedure for the Conduct of Marine Scientific Research in Philippine Waters based on an analysis of the provisions of the UNCLOS and developments in the MSR consent regime of Australia.

Living Resources Management

Keenan, E., 2015. Mobilizing Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in narwhal management through community empowerment: A case study in Naujaat, Nunavut [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

McConnell, H., 2015. Shipping and Seismic Exploration Noise in the Arctic Marine Soundscape: A look at Mitigation Measures for Cetaceans [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalhousie

Watson, M., 2015. Bycatch 22: Regulatory pressures of selective fishing on commercial salmon fishers and impacts of handling on chum salmon (Onchorhynchus keta) released from purse seine fisheries in Northern British Columbia. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

White, K., 2015. Applying Adaptive Management Approaches to Data Limited Fisheries: The Case of Bermuda’s Shallow Water Snapper Species [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Allen, A., 2014. Cetacean Conservation in the Age of Oil and Gas: Minimizing Acoustic Disturbance to the Northern Bottlenose Whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus) through Spatio-temporal Mitigation [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Christensen, C., 2014. Opportunities for the Reduction of Skate Bycatch in Atlantic Canada Trawl Fisheries: A Case Study of two Innovative Trawl Gear Designs [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Chupick, M., 2014. Marine Mammal Mitigation Procedures in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) [graduate project]. Halifax, NS. Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Giles, A., 2014. Improving eel fishery management through the incorporation of indigenous knowledge into policy level decision making – A case study in Eskasoni, Cape Breton. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Jind, S. 2014. Making the switch: Assessing the potential for catch-and-release in Nova Scotia’s recreational shark derbies [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Vance, A. 2014. Applying an ecosystem-based risk management approach to the relationship between eelgrass beds and oyster aquaculture at multiple spatial scales in eastern New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Stoner, J., 2013. Applying the Concept of Sustainable Consumption to Seafood: How Product Loss Through Post-Harvest Seafood Supply Chains Undermines Seafood Sustainability commitments [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Wang, R. J., 2013. Analyzing bycatch mitigation in the MSC-certified Canadian Northwest Atlantic longline swordfish fishery [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Deller, S.E. 2012. An analysis of an evaluation of deep-water coral conservation and management initiatives in the Canadian Maritimes. Full Text @ DalSpace

Goodwin, H. 2012. Skate and Ray management in the Northwest Atlantic: an overview of current management and recommendations for conservation. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hamilton, S.C. 2012. Applications of coral bio-optics to coral reef management. Full Text @ DalSpace

Howard, B. 2012. Assessing and managing the ecological risk to leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) from marine oil pollution in Atlantic Canada. Full Text @ DalSpace

Wilkin, S. 2012. Protecting the migratory bird habitat at Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island: an identification of the management needs. Full Text @ DalSpace

Davis, B. 2011. Improving shark conservation and management in Canada: Recommendations for the National Plan of Action for Sharks. Full Text @ DalSpace

Delesalle, M. 2011. Fair trade fish: A tool to protect culture and promote responsible fisheries management. Full Text @ DalSpace

Gauthier, A. 2011. Using the sustainable livelihood approach to inform the development of a multispecies fishery management plan. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hatcher, D., 2010. Enhancing farmed salmon aquaculture escapes prevention in Canada: Evaluating what is transferable from the Maine USA CMS HACCP-based modeled program.

Edgar, M., 2010. An analysis of the proposed amendments to Canada's marine mammals regulations for the management of whale watching activities.

Poh, T., 2010. Towards recovery of the humphead wrasse (cheilinus undulatus) in Sabah, Malaysia : Tackling illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) trade.

Pujdak, D., 2010. Co-management or colonization ? : Examining fisheries management in the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement.

Williams-Peter, S., 2010. A framework for good governance: Increasing the economic gains of small-scale fisheries through fish marketing.

Cosandey-Godin, A., 2009. Strengthening Shark Conservation in Canada - a Management Blueprint.

Gagne, A. 2009. Looking for Common Ground: Indigenous Marine Resource Governance and the Pacific Salmon Forum Report.

McFee, J., 2009. Options to reduce North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) entanglements by characterizing Scotia-Fundy fisheries.

O’Flaherty, M., 2009. Consequences of Individual Transferable Quotas: a case study of the Scotia-Fundy Inshore Mobile Gear Groundfish Fleet.

Soomai, S., 2009. Information and Influence in Fisheries Management: A Preliminary Study of the Shrimp and Groundfish Resources in the Brazil-Guianas Continental Shelf.

Tabet, L., 2008. Network governance of small-scale fisheries in the Caricom Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) region.

Cavanagh, J., 2008. Navigating the Endangered Species Act and Species at Risk Act: Steering Canada and the USA toward bilateral protection of the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis).

Smith, M. D., 2007. The Lobster Fishery in Eastern Prince Edward Island: A Proposal for Co-Management.

Winterbottom, M., 2007. Sustainability for Spawners in Light of the Live-Reef Food Fish Trade: Towards a Qualitative Decision-Making Framework.

Dowdell, N. R., 2006. Perspectives for the Implementation of Territorial Use Rights in
Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico.

Kenneally, M. L., 2006. Lobster Fishing Area 34: Is There a Lobster Fisheries Management Crisis Pending?

Luhanga, F. C., 2006. Strengthening Monitoring, Control and Surveillance in Tanzania: A Tool for Fishery Resource management.

McCormick, S., 2006. Transboundary Resource Sharing Agreements: A Canadian Perspective on the Gulf of Maine’s Current and Long-term Effectiveness of the Transboundary Sharing Agreement for Cod, Haddock and Yellowtail Flounder.

Ragodo, A., 2006. Integrated Approach Towards the Strengthening of Philippine Fisheries Enforcement.

Samonte, P. C., 2006. Potential for Fisheries Management by Species of PSP-affected Bivalves and Evaluation of its Feasibility in the Philippines.

Siddique, M. A. L., 2006. Eco-friendly Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture in Bangladesh: A Way of Minimizing Coastal Degradation.

Ganpathiraju, P., 2005. The Trawl Fishery of India’s Northeast Coast: An Analysis of Catches, Seasonal Changes and Ecological Impacts.

Hurlburt, M. A., 2005. Implementing Ecosystem-Based Management in Nova Scotia’s Fisheries.

Kenyanya, S. M., 2005. Potential for Sustainable Shrimp Farming Development in Kenya: Problems and Prospects.

Marson, D. M., 2005. Losing Diversity, Losing Hope: An Evaluation of the Declining Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon.

Otieno, S. A., 2005. Improving Coastal Fisheries Resource Management and Livelihood of Small-scale Fish Harvesters in Kenya Through a Use Right Regime.

Voutier, J., 2005. 2005. Community Based Quota Management of the Fixed Gear, Less Than 45 Feet Groundfishery in Scotia-Fundy.

Xu, Z., 2005. Coastal Monitoring and Management- A Comparative Assessment of Mussel Watch Programs in North America (Gulf of Maine) and China (Bohai Sea).

Humayun, N. M., 2004. Can Community-Based Participation of Coastal Fishers Contribute to Sustainable Management and Development of Coastal and Marine Fisheries Resources of Bangladesh?

MacDougall, L. A., 2004. Citizen Participation in Resource Management: Barriers,Principles, and Practical Applications: An Examination of the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society, Nova Scotia, Canada.

McKeane, S. W., 2004. Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) Conservation: The community connection.

Valentina, A. S. C., 2004. An overview of conflict in co-management with migratory whales: What to expect for the Baja California to Bering Sea Marine Conservation Initiative (B2B).

MacDougall, R., 2003. A Risk and Conflict Analysis of Three Potential Depuration Approaches Which May Be Implemented in Southwest New Brunswick.

Azad, S. A., 2003. Brackish water Aquaculture in Bangladesh: Can Community-based Co-Management work for involving small-scale farmers?

Cargill, C. L., 2003. Managing Sea Lice in Salmon Aquaculture to Minimize Impacts on Wild Stocks.

Non-Living Resources Management

Mason, T., 2015. A Role for Inuit: How northern communities can inform and influence the dynamics of offshore oil and gas development in Nunavut [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hinch, P. R., 2008. Tidal energy development: Developing a conceptual framework for the integration of environmental and socio-economic impact information for management decisions, with particular reference to the lobster fishery in the upper Bay of Fundy.

McHugh, O., 2008. DFO and LOMAs: Prospects for successfully developing offshore petroleum.

Yao, H., 2006. Lessons Learned from Two Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management Initiatives.

Socioeconomic Issues

Baker, E., 2015. Influential or Ignored? The Role of Fishermen in Management of the Nova Scotia Lobster Industry. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Corbin, J., 2013. Restoring mangrove forests in Indonesia’s Tanjung Panjang area through the use of market-based incentives: Lessons learned from international case studies. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Creamer, C. A., 2013. Operational Conflict between Seals and Fisheries: Recommendations for Approaching the Problem in Atlantic Canada. [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Daly, B. 2012. Putting people first: using the sustainable livelihoods approach to develop a culturally relevant salmon fishery management plan. Full Text @ DalSpace

Wirz-Held, M.B.E. 2012. Narwhal co-management in Nunavut: deepened collaboration needed to improve partnership, process, and outcome. Full Text @ DalSpace

Turlo, C., 2009. Socioeconomic impact assessment framework: Towards more inclusive marine protected area planning and management in Canada.

Capistrano, R. C. G., 2007. An Institutional Analysis of Community Participation on MPAs within Tourism Sites in the Philippines.

Kerwin, J., 2007. Barriers to the Co-Management of the Canadian Whale Watching Industry.

Wilson, L., 2007. Understanding the Relationship between People, Ecosystems and Community-Based Coastal and Ocean Management within the Annapolis Basin and Surrounding Areas.

Foley, S., 2006. New Morals for the Whale Watching Industry.

Landry, M. S., 2006. Tourism and Conservation in Akumal, Mexico: Is a Marine Protected Area the Answer?

Schweitzer, A. J., 2006. Two Solitudes? Integrating Marine Science and Management.

Transportation and Communications

Chadid, A., 2015. Coastal Vulnerability for Ship-Source Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Planning in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ Dalhousie

Edmonson, E., 2015. Advancing an Integrated Management approach to Ship Strikes with Baleen whales on Canada's Pacific Coast [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Hovey, J., 2015. Vessel needs, preferences, and restrictions related to minimizing risk to whales without compromising vessel operations and safety of navigation [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Ready, C.M., 2014. Places of Refuge in Jamaica: Identifying Prospective Site Suitability through an Analysis of Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Physical Criteria [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Scriven, D., 2014. The development of ballast water management in Canada: A critical analysis of the journey [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Flynn, A., 2013. A Guide for Integrating Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit into Decision-making for Marine Shipping Development in Nunavut [graduate project]. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University. Full Text @ DalSpace

Reuchlin, J.W. 2011. Environmental performance as a port selection criterion. Full Text @ DalSpace

Fraser, D., 2008. International shipping and area based ocean management: Evaluating the feasibility of PSSA designation in the Canadian Arctic.

Gillis, R., 2008. Becoming a green port: An assessment of port reception facilities in Halifax.

Joyce, H., 2008. The Canadian Coast Guard: A special operating agency beyond the merged civilian fleets.

Attah, D., 2007. Improving Safety Inspection and Regulation in the Nigeria Maritime Industry.

Carreira, A. J., 2007. Port Environmental Services for Ships: A Comparative Analysis between Canada and Panama.

Ping, K., 2007. An Analysis of the Canadian Port Management System with a Special Focus on Considerations of the Nature and Degree of Cooperation Between Canadian Ports and Chinese Shipping Companies in Container Transportation.

Thu, H. D., 2007. The Prospects for Containerization in Vietnam.

Douglas, S., 2006. Policy Considerations in Delegating National Marine Safety Responsibilities to Classification Societies: Risks and Challenges Facing Developing Countries with Particular Reference to the Guyana Maritime Administration.

Elvin, S. S., 2005. Managing interactions between North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) and commercial vessels in Canadian waters: review and recommendations.

Griffiths, D. N., 2005. Enhancing Cooperative Maritime Emergency Management in the Caspian Sea.

Latorre, L. F., 2005. Learning from the Canadian Experience: Incorporating the Maritime Activities and Risk Investigation Network (MARIN) Concept as a Management Tool to improve Maritime Safety in the Philippines

McGhie, E. R., 2005. The Introduction of Marine Invasive Alien Species and its Impacts: A Proposed Strategy and Management Plan for Jamaica.

Wint-Rose, G., 2005. In the Face of Oncoming Traffic: The Arctic Shipping Regime and the Fate of the Northwest Passage.

Choy, T. A., 2004. Enhancing Maritime Security at the Port of Halifax: An Integrated Approach.

Abu, A. M. S., 2003. Institutionalizing a National Search and Rescue Contingency Plan in the Philippines.

Grant, I. M., 2003. Maritime Security and Emergency Response in Eastern Canada: The Development of an Integrated Approach.