MMM Electives

June 25, 2021 - The following list is subject to change. Students should consult the Dalhousie Academic Timetable (select all) on a regular basis for current and accurate information.

Course Code Course Title  
BIOL 5062 Analysis of Biological Data Description
BIOL 5067 Ecology and Evolution of Fishes
BIOL 5660 Aquaculture Modeling Description
ECON 5252   From Disaster Relief to Development Description
ECON 5254   Applied Development Economics Description
ECON 5517 Resource Economics Description
ENVI 5001   Environmental Assessment Description
ENVI 5011 Pollution Abatement Description
ENVI 5023 Qualitative Data Analysis
ENVI 5031   Economics for Resource & Environmental Management Description
ENVI 5039 Indigenous People & Natual Resource Management
ENVI 5041 Environmental Education                       
ENVI 5047 Conservation System Design Description
ENVI 5205 Law and Policy for Resource and Environmental Management Description
ENVI 5500 Socio-Political Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management
ENVI 5504 Management of Resources and the Environment Description
ENVI 5505 Biological Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management Description
ENVI 5506 CSR in Natual Resources Sectors
ENVI 5507 Environmental Informatics
ERTH 5520 GIS Applications to Environmental & Geological Sciences Description
ERTH 5600 Geoscience Info Management Description
FOSC 6325 Fish/Food Processing II (class + lab) Description
INFO 6100 Information in Public Policy & Decision Making Description  
LAWS 2001   Maritime Law and Practice Description
LAWS 2012 International Law Description
LAWS 2020   Fisheries Law Description
LAWS 2022 Law of the Sea Description
LAWS 2051   International Environmental Law Description
LAWS 2079   Oil and Gas Law Description
LAWS 2104   Environmental Law I   Description
LAWS 2133   Environmental Law II   Description
LAWS 2153 Business and Environmental Law
LAWS 2211 Law of International Trade and Shipping
MARA 5005 Independent Readings Description
MARA 5012 Community Based Co-Management   Description

MARA 5013

Marine Protected Areas Description
MARA 5021 Fisheries Management   Description
MARA 5589 Politics of the Sea   Description
OCEA 5120  
Physical Oceanography Description
OCEA 5140   Biological Oceanography Description
OCEA 5221 Ocean Dynamics
POLI 5380 Politics of Climate Change Description
POLI 5532 Indigenous Global Politics
PUAD 5120 Introduction to Public Policy Description
PUAD 6020 Food Policy and Sustainability
PUAD 6140 Indigenous Governance and Water Description
PUAD 6500 Business and Government Description