The Gold Award

The award is named in honour of Dr. Edgar Gold, CM, QC, one of the founders of the Dalhousie Ocean Studies program. An annual financial award is presented to the most deserving MMM graduate at the end of the 16-month MMM program. The candidate is identified within the annual peer group of MMM graduates. Equal emphasis is placed on academic performance and the ability to reflect the ideal graduate as the “honest broker” – i.e. one who is mindful of the complementary and competing multi-and inter-disciplinary interests which influence the design, implementation, and outcome of the management process in marine affairs. The Gold Award recipient is the student who best exemplifies MAP’s objectives of providing its graduates with the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to be a leader in the field of marine affairs. Students must have met all requirements to graduate by the end of the 16 month MMM program as a full time student in order to be eligible for award consideration.

Gold Award Recipients:

Class of Name
2020-2021 LIsa Baxter - Graduate Project Research
2019-2020 Noémie Roy - Graduate Project Research
2018-2019 Sara Vanderkaden - Profile - Graduate Project Research
2017-2018 Alexander Desiré-Tesar - Profile - Graduate Project Research
2016-2017 Christina Callegari - Profile - Graduate Project research
2015-2016 Alba Garcia Rodriguez - Profile - Graduate Project research
2014-2015 Maryann Watson - Profile - Graduate Project research
2013-2014 Elise Will - Graduate Project research
2012-2013 Jenna Stoner - Graduate Project Research
2011-2012 Mike Reid - Graduate Project Research
2009-2010 Tun Min Poh
2007-2008 Aimee Gromack
  Christopher Burbidge
2006-2007 Marina Winterbottom
2005-2006 Natalie Rodriguez Dowdell
2004-2005 Jacinta Berthier
  Sandra Elvin
2003-2004 Hussein Alidina
  Sean Weseloh-McKeane
2002-2003 Charlotte MacKay
2001-2002 Erin Breen
  Cameron Deacoff
  Andrew Magloire
2000-2001 Tana Worcester
1999-2000 Krishna Desai