Part‑time students

Work at your own pace.....

The MMM degree may be completed on a part-time basis. Applications for completing the MMM degree on a part-time basis must be submitted to the Marine Affairs Program by January 31. Applicants must meet the same requirements for admission as full time MMM students.

A limited number of part-time MMM students can be enrolled in an academic year. Part-time MMM students will complete the MMM degree over a period no greater than five contiguous calendar years (i.e. 60 months). The MMM degree is a Programme fee degree and part-time MMM students must meet the tuition fee requirements of the Registrar's Office.

The part-time MMM student must take MARA 5010.03 and MARA 5011.03 Contemporary Issues in Ocean and Coastal Management (Part 1 and 2) and MARA 5004 Marine Management Skills Development in the first year of their MMM degree program.  Part-time MMM students will meet with the Academic Coordinator of MAP to prepare a plan for the courses.

Further details on the requirements can be obtained from the MAP administrator.