Student Association

Information Science Student Association

ISSA (formerly SIMSA) is a peer-elected group which acts as the collective voice of MI students within Dalhousie’s academic community. Aligned with this responsibility is ISSA’s role as liaison between the students, the faculty, and other graduate student associations. Through these collaborative relationships, ISSA strives to champion student input into curriculum and course evaluation, as well as involvement with the graduate student body.

Info Student Culture

Through the coordination of activities and special events, ISSA works to provide relationship-building, learning and networking opportunities for the students. Initiatives such as email buddies for incoming students, orientation activities, volunteer opportunities and alumni events showcase ISSA’s dedication to fostering community spirit.

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Connecting with Alumni

We believe that maintaining a steadfast connection with MI/MIM alumni encourages mentorship, learning opportunities and valuable relationships – helping to establish a familiar and hospitable professional environment for future graduates.

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