Samantha Adema

Indigenous Services Librarian

Dalhousie University Libraries - Halifax, NS


  • MLIS, Dalhousie University, 2019
  • BA (History/Classics), Saint Mary's University

Career Path

The opportunities to gain practical experience in the field and to make connections with library professionals were very valuable for me in getting started with my career. I had no library experience when I started at SIM, but between internship opportunities, practicum, IWB (Information Without Borders), and MWB (Management Without Borders), I was able to get a sense of what was out there and what I wanted to do. 

Information Management in Action

I had an internship at the Sexton library, which I found really helpful both for work experience and for helping to ground the more theoretical topics I was learning in reality. I was also one of the registration co-chairs for IWB. I didn’t focus too much on one topic or area of librarianship—I tried to sample as many different areas as possible.

Last words

Future grads: Don’t stress too much! You’ll get a job. Just be open minded about whatever opportunities come up, use every experience to figure out what you like and want to do, and don’t sell yourself short when applying for jobs.