Student theses


Strugari, Matthew, PhD, 2023: Development of Simultaneous Multi-Radionuclide Imaging with a Novel SiPM-based Preclinical SPECT Scanner

Lincoln, John, PhD, 2023: Non-Coplanar Arc Optimizaton for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Reeve, Sarah, PhD, 2023: Balanced Steady-State Free Precession Imaging of the Temporal Bone and Paranasal Sinuses at 0.5T

Church, Cody, PhD, 2022: Techniques to Minimize the Dosimetric Impact of Intrafractional Motion with Improved Treatment Accuracy and Efficiency on a C-arm Medical Linear Accelerator

Brady, Brendan, PhD, 2022: Exploring Transient Neural Events in Healthy Populations Using Non-Invasive Neuroimaging

Henry, Eric Courtney, PhD, 2021: The Devlopement of a CT-based Framework for Radiaiton Dosimetry in Yttrium-90 Radioembolization

Hupman, Michael Allan, PhD, 2021: Development of a Novel Dosimeter: The Stemless Plastic Scintillation Detector 

Sadeghi, Parisa, PhD, 2021: Development and Evaluation of a Novel Techinology for Monitoring Patient Motion During Stereotactic Radiotherapy

MacDonald, Robert Lee, PhD, 2018: Development and Implementation of Trajectory Optimization Technologies for Cranial Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

Parsons, David, PhD: Volume of Interest Imaging for Image Guided Radiotherapy

Stevens, Tynan, PhD: Enhancing the Reliability of Functional MRI and Magnetoencephalography for Presurgical Mapping, 2015


Northway, Cassidy, MSc, 2020: Patient-Specific Collision Zones for 4π Trajectory Optimized Radiation Therapy

Miedema, Mary, MSc, 2019: Intra-Session Reliability Metrics for Quality Assurance in Pre-Surgical Mapping with Magnetoencephalography

Hewlett, Miriam, MSc, 2019: Viability of Accelerated Spin Echo Single Point Imaging for Lipid Composition Mapping in Fatty Liver Disease

Mason, Allister, MSc, 2019: Efficacy and Utility of Image Quality Metrics in Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction

Lincoln, John, MSc, 2018: Evaluation of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Enhancement Using a Liver Specific Contrast Agent for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Guidance [PDF - 4.6MB]

Church, Cody, MSC, 2018: Advances in Respiratory Impedance Predictions Using Pulmonary Functional Imaging Models of Asthma

Reno, Michael, MSc, 2018: Patient Specific Pixel-Based Weighting Factor Dual-Energy X-Ray Imaging System

O'Grady, Christopher, MSc, 2017: An Application of Regularized Spectral Entropy for Detection of Task-Related Information Content in fMRI

Murtha, Nathan, MSc, 2017: Characterizing Dynamic MRI Using Objective Image Quality Metrics

Musgrave, William, MSc, 2017: Dosimetric Effects of Prostate Calcifications in High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Calculations 

Ruiz, Ethan Antonio Avila, MSc, 2017A Capacitive Monitoring System for Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Detector Design

Hupman, Michael Allan, MSc, 2017: Preliminary Characterization of the Response of an Organic Thin Film Transistor to Ionizing Radiation

Clarke, Scott, MSc, 2016: 3D Printed Surface Applicators for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Bowman, Wesley, MSc, 2016: Dual-energy Stereoscopic X-Ray Imaging to Enhance Soft-tissue Contrast in Lung Imaging

MacDonald, R Lee MSc, 2014: Dynamic Couch Motion for Improvement of Radiation Therapy Trajectories

Su, Shiqin, MSc: Design and Optimization of 3D Printed Bolus for Electron Radiation Therapy, 2014

Parsons, Cathryn, MSc: Surface Dose Enhancement Using Low-Z Electron/Photon Beams

Parsons, David, MSc: The Production and Detection of  Optimized Low-Z Linear Accelerator Target Beams for  Image Guidance in Radiotherapy, 2012

Connell, Tanner, MSc: Low-Z Target Optimization for Spatal Resolution Improvement in Planar Imaging and  Cone-Beam CT, 2009

Orton, Liz, MSc: Improved Contrast in Radiation Therapy Imaging Using Low-Z and Amorphous Silicon   Portal Imagers, 2008