Current research

Both the MSc and PhD programs in Medical Physics give students the opportunity to engage in impactful and innovative research, supervised by leading faculty in medical imaging and radiation oncology physics.

The majority of thesis supervisors are certified clinical medical physicists, which means that research projects are often motivated by challenges experienced directly in the clinic. 

Thesis research is highly applied and directed toward improving outcomes and the lives of patients through improved diagnosis and treatment.

Project areas may include:

  • Novel methods of image guidance as applied to radiotherapy and radiosurgery
  • Innovative approaches to delivering precision radiotherapy
  • Exploration of new linear accelerator technologies for imaging and treatment
  • Application of advanced imaging modalities to radiation therapy process
  • Functional MRI
  • Dose measurement in radiotherapy¬†

At both the MSc and PhD levels, students publish in leading journals and present their work in national or international venues.  In many cases supervisors and graduate students interface with industry, explore patenting of their innovations and experience translation of research to the clinic firsthand.