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At Dalhousie, you can pursue CAMPEP-accredited master's and doctoral degrees that provide the foundational knowledge required to pursue a career involving clinical service, research, and teaching in medical physics. We also administer a Graduate Certificate Program allowing those who hold PhDs in other branches of physics to enter the field and profession. Graduates of all of our programs are eligible to enter residency training programs in imaging or radiation oncology medical physics.

The course work and practical training in our programs can position you for  a dynamic and versatile career in physics as applied to diagnosis and treatment of patients. Medical physicists may work in hospitals, cancer agencies, universities, industry or government.

Our faculty provides a highly collaborative, collegial learning environment that features world-class research facilities and technology.

Explore the CAMPEP accredited Medical Physics graduate programs offered at Dalhousie:

MSc in Medical Physics


Our master's program gives you a foundation in medical physics that can lead to exciting careers or further training and study in the field.

Explore our master's program.

Certificate Program

Medical Physics Certificate CTA Placeholder

Our Certificate program prepares students with a PhD in physics for admission to medical physics residency training programs.

Explore our Certificate Program in Medical Physics.

PhD in Medical Physics

Medical Physics PhD CTA Placeholder

Our PhD graduates have the skills, knowledge and research background to pursue careers in clinical service and become innovators in medical physics.

Explore our doctoral program.