Research specializations

Our Centres of Excellence

Marine & Environmental Law

We are internationally recognized for excellence in marine and environmental law teaching and research, with one of the world's most extensive course offerings in marine and environmental law, with special emphasis on law of the sea. The Marine & Environmental Law Institute (MELAW) is housed in the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University and carries out research and consultancy activities and also directs the Marine & Environmental Law Program (MELP) academic specialization. 

In addition to their scholarly research and publication activities, the Institute's faculty, associates and staff carry out research projects and provide advisory services to agencies of the United Nations and regional organizations, and assist government departments and non-governmental organizations in Canada and internationally.

Law & Technology

Lawmakers, legal scholars and policymakers face a host of challenging and complex questions as the use of new information technologies grows in all sectors of society. Our Law & Technology Institute fosters interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate studies with the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie, and with other external institutions and IT-related professional associations.

The Institute's faculty and associates support core curriculum and course offerings in information technology law issues, including: internet law, law and technology, privacy law, information technology transactions, electronic commerce, biotechnology, intellectual property and commercialization of research and development projects.

Health Law & Policy

The Dalhousie Health Justice Institute is an interdisciplinary institute that brings together the Schulich School of Law and the Faculties of Medicine, Health and Dentistry. The institute is committed to the advancement of health law and policy and the improvement of health care practice and health systems through scholarly analysis, professional education, and public service.

Institute members have received numerous grants and awards to pursue research in many challenging areas. These include: end of life treatment, policy and practice; patient safety; privacy and confidentiality of health information; public health emergencies; commercialization of biomedical research; health care in correctional systems; migrant health risks and needs; mental capacity and medical decision-making; HIV/AIDS policy; and foetal/maternal rights, among others.

Other areas of specialization

Business Law

Our business law program is one of the strongest in Canada. Our commitment to business law teaching and scholarship, our innovative Business Law Specialization, and our visiting professor and business law speakers series, have ensured Dalhousie’s place as a national leader in business law education. Our full-time faculty includes the Purdy Crawford Chair in Business Law and the strongest cluster of tax academics of any law school in Canada.

We also have specializations in Human Rights Law, International Law and Legal Ethics.