Recent publications

Collaborative research for healthier communities

Our faculty are engaged in a huge range of research projects in subjects related to health promotion and strive to make their findings available to wider communities through publication. And often, their students are key participants and contributers to this research; these publications are students' first steps in their careers as academics and/or researchers. 

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Health Promotion

Jacqueline Gahagan

Parker, J., Jackson, L., Dykeman, M., Gahagan, J., & Karabanow, J. (2012). Access to harm reduction services in Atlantic Canada: Implications for non-urban residents who inject drugs. Health and Place 18(2): 152-162.

Gahagan, J., Jason, T., & Leduc, D. (2012). Does grade level impact on school-based health centre utilization among male youth? Quantitative findings from a mixed-methods study in Nova Scotia. Journal of School Health 82(8): 396-403.

Guta, A., Nixon, S., Gahagan, J., & Fielden, S. (2012). “Walking along beside the researcher”: How Canadian REBs/IRBs are responding to the needs of community-based participatory research. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics: An International Journal, 7(1): 15-25.

Lois Jackson

Parker, J., Jackson, L., Dykeman, M., Gahagan, J. & Karabanow, J. (2012). Harm reduction in Atlantic Canada: Access to services and implications for rural and small-town residents who injection drugs. Health & Place. 18 (2), 152-162.

Risely, S., Campbell, L.A., Cartwright, J. Bowes, M. & Jackson, L. (2011). Factors associated with not seeking professional help or disclosing intent prior to suicide: A study of Medical Examiners' records in Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 57(7), 436-440.

Campbell, L.A., Jackson, L., Bassett, R., Bowes, M., Donahue, M., Cartright, J. & Kisely, S. (2011). Can we use Medical Examiners' records for suicide surveillance and prevention research in Nova Scotia? Journal of Chronic Diseases. 31 (4), 165-171.

Matthew Numer

Cusak, E. & Numer, M. (2012). A Phenomenological Inquiry of Social Support in relation to Health and Well-being among Rural Queer Female Youth. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6(4), 35-48.

Murray, E., Numer, M., Merritt, B., Gahagan, J. & Comber, S. (2012). Healthy Aging Among LGBT Seniors in Nova Scotia: A Review of the Literature. The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society 1(4), 179-192.

Weerasinghe, S. & Numer, M. (2011). A Life-Course Exploration of the Social, Emotional and Physical Health Behaviours of Widowed South Asian Immigrant Women in Canada: Implications for Health and Social Programme Planning. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care 6(4), 42-56.