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Gahagan, Jacqueline
Professor (Health Promotion)

Topics: Health promotion, Harm reduction, Gender-based analysis of health policies, Research ethics, STI HIV Hepatitis C prevention, Gender and health, Sexual health

Jackson, Lois
Professor, Health Promotion

Topics: Health promotion, Marginalized populations, Sex industry, Rural women's health, Harm reduction

Kirk, Sara
Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research at the School of Health and Human Performance

Topics: Health services, Health promotion, Health intervention, Obesity remediation, Physical activity

Martin, Debbie
Assistant Professor, Health Promotion

Topics: Social determinants of health, Food justice, Oral health promotion, Community based participatory research, Chronic disease prevention and food sovereignty, Aboriginal-Indigenous health

Numer, Matthew
Assistant Professor, Health Promotion

Topics: HIV prevention, Gay men's sexual health, Health promotion, Policy development, Gender and health

Robinson, Lynne
Associate Professor, Health Promotion

Topics: Cancer patients, Child mental health, Adolescent mental health, Stress and coping, Stress and social support, Relationships and health

Spencer, Becky
Instructor, Health Promotion
Topics: Gender and health, Ecological and comprehensive approaches, Systems and structural influences on health, Physical activity and nutrition