Simon Greenland‑Smith

SRES program:


Educational background:

Bachelor of Environmental Science at Dalhousie

Q: What brought you to SRES?

A: When I was working on my Bachelor of Environmental Science, Kate Sherren from SRES helped me with my honours thesis. We formed a nice relationship, so she took me on as a grad student.

Q: How is the MES program helping you pursue your passion?

A: I love the individual experience you can have when you’re thinking about the environment, like things that you can do in your everyday life to be more environmentally aware. SRES has given me the opportunity to look at how we can make positive changes in our food systems. Where does food come from? What makes farmers tick? What is their experience, especially as it relates to wetlands?

Q: What have you been working on?

A: Lots of the research that has been done around agricultural in Nova Scotia has focused on biophysical elements. In wetlands, the research has focused on ducks. I’ve decided to focus on the human experience between farmers and wetlands. It’s helped me learn more about farmers, who are the ultimate stewards of their land.

Q: What it’s like to work with people at SRES?

A: Getting to know my peers has been really rewarding. Since everyone has a bit of niche, I’ve really been able to learn a lot. I’ve found people to be really lovely—nice and friendly. They’re a passionate group of people who are involved and absorbed in their research. We have good, nerdy fun.