Lauri Lidstone

SRES program:


Educational background:

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental
Studies from Bishop’s University

Work history:

Sustainable development intern at Bishop’s University

Q: What brought you to SRES?

A: I was interested in the projects that Dalhousie environmental science professor, Dr. Tara Wright, was working on. I got in touch with her, and now she’s my supervisor in the MES program. The beauty of SRES is that you can work with people from a variety of disciplines.

Q: What are you working on?

A: My thesis project focuses on sustainability education. My research examines the best ways to make higher education communities more sustainable organizations.

Q: How is the MES program making it easier for you to pursue your passion?

A: My supervisor is part of a large national research project on sustainability education policy. As a student, it’s nice to have the opportunity to be supported and mentored by the larger group of researchers from my supervisor’s project. I’ve been able to participate by examining the sustainability policies of Canadian universities and colleges.

Q: What’s been the highlight for you?

A: The highlight was a field course I took the first summer I was here—“Indigenous Perspectives on Natural Resource Issues”. Dr. Heather Castleden took a small group of students across Nova Scotia so that we could visit First Nations people in their communities. We spent a lot of time talking around kitchen tables and gained a better understanding of their perspectives on the environmental and resource issues that they are dealing with.