Recent graduates

Dalhousie MA students are highly competitive candidates for places in top PhD programs across Canada and internationally. Recent graduates have been admitted to McGill, York, Alberta, Toronto, Victoria, and Western Ontario, as well as UC Santa Cruz, Cornell, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Chicago, and Cambridge, and to Dalhousie’s own Ph.D. program. Others have gone on to careers in law, publishing, communications, journalism, and education.

Dalhousie PhD students have been very successful in finding academic positions, even in today's uncertain job market. Of the 15 PhD students who have gone on the academic job market in Canada since 2002, all now hold full-time or part-time academic positions; these include tenure-track positions at the University of Victoria, the University of Regina, the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algoma University College, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Wilfred Laurier University, as well as contract appointments at Harvard, Dalhousie, Dawson College, and Saint Mary's.

Academia is only one of the career paths taken by our graduates; they have gone on to jobs in editing, public service, writing, web site development and teaching.

This list gives you a glimpse into where our students have gone after graduation: