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The Master of Digital Innovation (MDI) combines elements of the Master of Electronic Commerce (MEC) and the Master of Health Informatics (MHI). Through certificate options, MDI students are able to follow similar pathways to these former programs while benefitting from enhanced flexibility and a more industry-driven curriculum.

Hear what some of our MDI sudents and alumni said about their programs:

Stella Bae MDI '22

Stella Bae

“The interdisciplinary nature of the program attracted me the most. Coincidently, the three pillars of the program (digital business, health informatics, and data science) are all related to my past and current experience to some extent. You can easily customize your study based on your interests and needs.”

Amir Alavi MDI '22


“I have studied medicine and have more than ten years of experience in pharmaceutical business, I came to know health informatics when I started to work on the patient registries and informatics part of the health system. I thought if I wanted to keep myself updated and to understand what was going on, I had to enroll in a program that helps me achieve that.”

Aswini Anand MDI Student

Student Ambassador Leaders 2022/23

"The different certificates in MDI gives one flexibility in choosing their field of interest. When I chose Data Science certificate, I had little background in data. The program enabled me to dive deep into the basics of Data Science and at the same time keep in touch with the modern techniques used in the tech Industry."

Annu Beniwal MDI Student

MDI profiles_Annu

"MDI has a range of diverse fields/certifications to choose from. I picked Health Informatics certification as I have a background in healthcare and wanted to gain skills to develop and apply information technology to improve the healthcare system. The curriculum has given me exposure to a collaborative environment including information science, computer science, and health care."