The Corporate Residency

This is not a summer job

Your career begins just six months into the program. By the time you enter your residency, you will have been coached and rigorously prepared for this deep immersion into the business world. Over eight months you will accomplish and learn more than is possible in any traditional four-month co-op because a Dal Corporate Residency isn’t just another summer job, it's a glimpse into your career.

As one employer aptly said, “in four months you are considered a co-op student. In eight months we treat you like an employee with all the responsibility that goes with it.” You will be paid a salary that helps offset tuition fees. You’ll come back to the classroom for your second year with solid business experience, ready to leverage what you’ve learned during your residency.

It's been everything I could have hoped for, easily the best decision of my life. The Corporate Residency MBA really spring-boarded me into a very exclusive role.
James McGuigan, MBA 2011, Associate Director Equity Derivatives, Scotiabank

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