Travis Lee  Lundrigan

PhD Candidate




Why Dal?

Top chemists making significant contributions to the scientific community.

What inspires me

In the Thompson group, research is exploring the synthesis and use of pyrrole-containing molecules. My research focuses on the synthesis of dipyrrin ligands and their BODIPY complexes with the goal of application towards energy-transfer cassettes and light-harvesting systems. This will enable us to directly convert sunlight into energy that we can use in a diversity of applications.

Teaching, labs, research groups

  • Teaching Assistant for CHEM 2401/2402 and CHEM 2441
  • Current PhD student with Dr. Alison Thompson, Dalhousie University.
  • Former BSc Honours student with Dr. Manuel Aquino, St. Francis Xavier University.


  • Lundrigan, T.; Crawford, S.M.; Cameron, T.S.; Thompson, A. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 1003-1005.
  • Lundrigan, T.; Baker, A.E.G.; Longobardi, L.E.; Wood, T.E.; Smithen, D.A.; Crawford, S.M.; Cameron, T.S.; Thompson, A. Org. Lett. 2012, 14, 2158-2161.
  • Lundrigan, T.; Jackson, C.L.M.; Uddin, M.I.; Tucker, L.A.; Ali, A.A.-S.; Linden, A.; Cameron, T.S.; Thompson, A. Can. J. Chem. 2012, 90, 1-8.

Awards, honours, conferences

  • NSERC CGS M – 09/2011-09/2012
  • President’s Award – 09/2012-09/2014
  • Killam Predoctoral Scholarship – 09/2012-09/2014
  • Lundrigan, T.; Jackson, C. L. M.; Thompson, A.; Synthesis of Novel Pyrrolide Ruthenium Complexes, 2011 Maritime Inorganic Discussion Weekend, Poster Presentation
  • Lundrigan, T.; Crawford, S. M.; Thompson, A.; Cl-BODIPYs: a new route to B-substitution in BODIPYs, 2012 Maritime Inorganic Discussion Weekend, Oral Presentation