Grad society & events

Meet people through the Chemistry Graduate Student Society

Within the first month of arriving at Dalhousie, you will have the opportunity to get to know all the current graduate students at in the Chemistry department, says Pamela Alsabeh, past President of the Dalhousie Chemistry Graduate Student Society.

From movie nights, holiday parties, barbecues and brewery tours, the society is very active, hosting social events throughout the year.

“It’s really easy to get involved,” says Ms. Alsabeh. “In first year, I met everyone in the Chemistry graduate program. I still know all the third- and fourth-years, and most of the first-year graduate students.”

For one of Canada’s top ten research universities our graduate community feels like a small, friendly group. Everyone is approachable: the faculty mentor, the researchers in your research group, even students in other groups. It’s easy to ask for advice, insights, instruction or even a coffee with anyone inside or outside of your research area.  

Events Calendar

Social and academic events all year round

Visit the departmental events calendar to see the latest readings and get-togethers happening in the Chemistry department.