International Development Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Master of Arts (MA)


The Department of International Development Studies aims to foster greater understanding between developed and underdeveloped societies through study, research and cross-cultural learning experiences. Candidates study theory, research methods, research design, development practice and write a thesis.


This degree is interdisciplinary and draws on courses in Biology, Business Administration, Community Health & Epidemiology, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Health Administration, History, International Development Studies, Law, Marine Affairs, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology and Social Anthropology, and Urban and Rural Planning.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please note this department requires applicants to have a minimum A- average.

Application Deadline

It is strongly recommended that applicants submit their information before January 31st (particularly to be considered for funding).

Contact Information

Subject Code: INTD
Tel: 902-494-3814
Address: Room 3038, McCain Building
Halifax, NS, Canada, B3H 4H6
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. John Cameron
Graduate Coordinator Email:
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