This is not a summer job

Your career begins just six months into the program. Learn more about the eight-month corporate residency.


Employer Partners across the country

Student Xiaoyu Zhang on his corporate residency at the Halifax Herald. See the full list of Employer Partners we work with.


More affordable than you think

Investing now in your MBA could result in a higher salary and better career options when you graduate. Find out about offsetting your tuition with the earnings from your corporate residency, scholarships and financial assistance.


Good enough just isn't

Don't settle for less than the success you know is in you. Apply now.


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Program Spotlight

7 reasons to get a Corporate Residency MBA:

  1. Exceptional, paid work experience: You'll be immersed quickly and intensely into the real business world with an eight-month Corporate Residency.
  2. Employer Partners across Canada: Our deep relationship with Employer Partners located across the country means you'll have the opportunity to start your career in Halifax, Toronto or beyond.
  3. Return on investment: Investing now in your MBA could result in higher salary and better career options when you graduate.​
  4. Accelerate your leadership skills: We take a personalized approach to helping you develop a solid set of leadership skillsa key differentiator of success in business. It can take decades for people to gain this level of skill. You can do it now.
  5. Innovative curriculum: Unique in its structure, design and approach to learning, our program was developed for smart people with different backgrounds and different goals, who are ready to make a difference.
  6. Quality teaching: Our degree is delivered by world-class academics offering knowledge and expertise gained from years of practical business experience and research.
  7. Study with a small cohort of bright students: Our rigorous application process ensures you will be motivated, encouraged, inspired and challenged by others just like you.

A different kind of MBA

MBA student Jocelyn Ball

Our program was developed for smart people with different backgrounds and goals who are ready to make a difference.

Top Employers, Top Talent

Still from the short video "A Different Kind of MBA"

Employer Partners and Corporate Residency MBA alums talk about the value of the paid, 8-month corporate residency component.