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Open Positions:

Mitacs Accelerate Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow


The successful candidate will conduct leading-edge research in Li-ion and Na-ion battery anode and cathode materials in academic and industrial settings as a Mitacs Accelerate Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow. The research will focus on sustainable materials design and synthesis to produce lower cost and more environmental friendly battery materials that meet or exceed the performance of current materials. Materials of interest include, NMC, Co-free cathodes, LFP, LMFP, and NMF cathodes, Na-ion hard carbon anode materials, and Li-ion Si/C composite anode materials. Responsibilities include: conducting original Li-ion and Na-ion battery materials research, authoring academic papers, presenting work at conferences and with our industrial partner.

A PhD in Chemistry, Physics or Materials Science and Engineering with experience in materials synthesis is required as evidenced by authored publications in academic journals. Candidates must have completed all requirements of a PhD within the last six years to pursue a postdoctoral program at Dalhousie. Experience in Li-ion battery or Na-ion battery materials research preferred with hands-on experience in XRD, SEM, BET, and coin cell fabrication and testing techniques. Contact: