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Human Embryo Research Beyond 14 Days? International Perspectives

Posted by nte on June 7, 2021 in In Print
Photo credit: The Hastings Center
Photo credit: The Hastings Center

Soni S, & Baylis F. (7 Jun 2021). Human research beyond 14 days? International perspectives. Hastings Bioethics Forum.

Five  years ago, independent research teams in the United States and the United Kingdom succeeded in cultivating human embryos in the laboratory for 12-to-13 days – longer than ever before. They could have continued their research but didn’t. They stopped because of the broad international consensus that such research should not be permitted beyond 14 days (often referred to as the 14-day rule). And, in the U.K. stopping would have been further incentivized by the legal prohibition on such research.

This technical achievement sparked an ethical debate ...

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