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NTE presents at Congress 2015 ‑ Capital Ideas

Posted by NTE on June 2, 2015 in In Action

Papers Presented by NTE Members:

At the Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Feministes Conference:

Alana Cattapan, "Orphaned, Deserted, Left Behind? Challenging the Language of 'Abandoned Embryos'" (June 2, 11am)

Angel Petropanagos, "The Ethics of Live-Donor Uterine Transplantation" (June 2, 11am)

Link to the WGSRF Conference Site with Program


At the Canadian Political Science Association Conference:

Alana Cattapan, "Precarious Labour: On Third Party Reproduction as Work" (June 2, 3:15pm) Link to Session Details

Dave Snow, with Alana Cattapan, "Federal Regulations on Embryo Research: A View From the Clinics" (June 3, 8:45am) Link to Session Details

Link to CPSA 2015 Annual Conference Programme