Sept 21 HLHL Workshop 'Building a Health Equity Agenda for People of African Descent'

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Workshop: Building a Health Equity Agenda for People of African Descent

Posted by Terry Murray (with files from Dr. Ingrid Waldron) on August 26, 2018 in News

Dr. Ingrid Waldron (Dal Nursing) will be delivering a 90-minute workshop with Dr. Barb Hamilton-Hinch (Health and Human Performance, Dalhousie) and Dr. Ifeyinwa Mbakogu (Social Work, Dalhousie) on Friday, September 21 at the Healthy Living Health Life Conference.

Their workshop "Building a Health Equity Agenda for People of African Descent" will build on research findings by offering suggestions for building a health equity agenda for people of African descent through research, policy, university curricula, and health and mental health services for people of African descent.

The presenters will discuss some of the main issues that need to be considered in addressing the health and mental health experiences and needs of people of African descent by highlighting findings from their individual studies on Black women’s survival strategies for succeeding in the face of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination (Barb Hamilton-Hinch), the struggles immigrants experience obtaining equal access to health services (Ifeyinwa Mbakogu), and how representations of race, culture, gender, class, and other social identities shape psychiatric diagnoses for people of African descent (Ingrid Waldron).