Primary Health Care Research Day 2014

On June 4, 2014 the Collaborative Research in Primary Health Care (CoR-PHC) team hosted the first Primary Health Care Research Day at the Prince George. It was a day of discussion around how research can be leveraged to improve Primary Health Care (PHC) in Nova Scotia.

Dr. John Campbell from the University of Exeter Medical School in Southwest England launched the day with an insightful and entertaining plenary talk. John shared his experiences and the UK journey in developing PHC research.

The event was well attended with participants from four District Health Authorities, multiple Dalhousie Faculties, and the Primary Health Care Branch, Dept. Health and Wellness. Poster presentations were available, featuring current and ongoing research, facilitating learning and networking.

The Panel, the Landscape of PHC in Nova Scotia, provided perspectives from policy-makers, administrative decision makers, clinical providers, and researchers.

Ian Bower, Executive Director of the NS Primary Health Care Branch; Darla MacPherson, VP Community Health of the Cumberland Health Authority; and Jane Brooks, a Family Physician of a Community Collaborative Practice in Middleton, NS, each presented on the current state and future of PHC from their viewpoint, highlighting opportunities for research. Ruth Martin-Misener, co-PI of CoR-PHC was also on the panel and responded with further identifying how research can respond, presenting challenges and opportunities.