CoR’s research focus

Strategic policy oriented projects influencing design, evaluation, and scaling up new models of interdisciplinary team-based PHC. This includes enhancing:

  • Wellness promotion and risk factor management
  • Chronic disease prevention and management, including self-management
  • Access to routine and urgent care
  • Collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to PHC
  • PHC health service delivery quality
  • System coordination/integration across health sectors
  • Translational research and scaling up

Research Updates

Yukiko Asada (lead) and co-applicants Marion Brown, Mary McNally, Emily Marshall, Andrea Murphy, Robin Urquhart and Grace Warner were awarded a NSHRF Development/Innovative Grant for “Laying the Foundation for the Fairness Dialogues.”  Funding Decision.

CoR investigators Fred Burge and Ruth Martin-Misener are collaborating with the DHW PHC Branch on the project
Collaborative Care Framework for Primary Health Care Teams: A Formative Evaluation of the Acceptability and Feasibility of Performance Indicators.

Andrea Murphy (lead) and Ruth Martin-Misener (a co-applicant) were awarded a Canadian Men's Health & Wellbeing Innovation grant from the Movember Foundation for the project Headstrong - taking things head on with your man's toolbox.
Funding decision.

Robin Urquhart (co-lead), with Fred Burge and Bev Lawson (co-applicants), were awarded a 2014 TVN Environmental Scan grant to describet he current care received by seriously ill, frail elderly patients nearing end of life in Canada.
Funding opportunity.

Robin Urquhart (co-lead) and Fred Burge (a co-applicant) have been awarded a BHCRI Invor Hamilton Award for the project Educating Nova Scotia physicians to initiate and engage in advance care planning for cancer patients: a mixed methods study.
Funding decision.

The Development Grant Application for SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations - Nova Scotia, led by Fred Burge, Rick Gibson, and Ian Bower was successful! Preparation for CIHR's Phase II begins.
Funding decision