Developed in 2013, Collaborative Research in Primary Health Care (CoR-PHC) is a team of cross-faculty researchers conducting primary health care research at Dalhousie University.

CoR’s objectives

  1. Bring together existing cross-faculty researchers in a Primary Health Care Research Collaborative
  2. Focus strategic directions of researchers on needs of decision makers
  3. Create and synthesize existing knowledge on effectiveness of the new approaches to PHC
  4. Build research capacity
  5. Capture national funding for PHC research and improvement
  6. Build new collaborations to leverage skills and potential for PHC research (SPOR, CRCs, donor support)

CoR-PHC is funded by the Strategic Research Initiatives Fund (SRIF) from the Office of the Vice-President Research, Dalhousie University and co-led by Fred Burge of Family Medicine and Ruth Martin-Misener of Nursing.

SRIF’s primary purpose is to support the development of strategic research initiatives that have significant potential to obtain funding external to the University through large-scale collaborative research proposals. CoR-PHC was funded as a new research team – SRIF providing the initial funding for the team to develop the basis for pursuing large-scale funding opportunities.

CoR’s long term goals

  • Prepare for SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network grants
  • Team grant applications, including Foundation/Project scheme applications under CIHR, NSHRF development grants, operation grants through disease specific funders
  • Strategic interdisciplinary research enterprise – multiple projects/investigators/learners
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