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April 12, 2019

Posted by Darcy MacRae on April 12, 2019

Please find below suggested Dalhousie University experts on current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest for Friday, April 12, 2019

How did Game of Thrones become a cultural phenomenon and the biggest show on TV?
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Kathy Cawsey, Associate Professor, Department of English. 
Research Specialties: Medieval literature 1350-1500, Arthurian literature, medievalism, modern fantasy.
Contact: kathy.cawsey@dal.ca and 902-494-6903.

Now that he’s been arrested, what’s next for Julian Assange? 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Robert Currie, Professor of Law, Schulich School of Law, Law and Technology Institute.
Research Specialties: International criminal law, international litigation, international law, extradition, civil procedure, criminal law. 
Contact: robert.currie@dal.ca and 902-494-1012.  

Climate change is altering the Atlantic Ocean’s ecosystem
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Boris Worm, Department of Biology. 
Research Specialties: Marine biodiversity, its causes, conservation, marine sanctuaries, management of marine ecosystems.
Contact: bworm@dal.ca and 902-494-2478/902-210-8330.

Exploring our legal relationship with animals an important step in protecting animal welfare 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Jodi Lazare, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Law. 
Research Specialties: Constitutional law, nonhuman animals and the law, judicial use of social science evidence, legal education. 
Contact: jodi.lazare@dal.ca and 902-494-1034.