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March 25, 2019

Posted by Darcy MacRae on March 25, 2019

Please find below suggested Dalhousie University experts on current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest for Monday, March 25, 2019

What does ‘dad rock’ offer to modern family life? ​Taking a look at how rock music has a very different role in today’s families
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Jacqueline Warwick, Professor, Fountain School of Performing Arts.
Research Specialties: Musicology, music and culture, popular music, American music, performance studies, celebrity studies, child prodigies.
Contact: jwarwick@dal.ca and 902-494-1142.

President Trump claims Mueller Report exonerates him, but others not so sure
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Robert Huish, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Department of International Development Studies.
Research Specialties: Global health, North Korea, Cuban development, activism and social justice.
Contact: huish@dal.ca and 902-494-2979.

Tomorrow is budget day in Nova Scotia, stand-pat approach expected 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Lori Turnbull, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science.
Research Specialties: Canadian parliamentary governance, political ethics, elections, electoral systems, and public engagement.
Contact: lturnbul@dal.ca and 902-494-6605.

Income inequalities in Indigenous groups linked to mental health issues 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Mohammad Hajizadeh, Assistant Professor, School of Health Administration. 
Research Specialties: Equity in health and healthcare, health economics and policy, health economic evaluation.
Contact: M.Hajizadeh@Dal.Ca and 902-494-8098.

Many businesses learning there’s money in going green
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Peggy Cunningham, Professor, Rowe School of Business. 
Research Specialties: Fast-growth companies, strategic partnerships, ethics and corporate social responsibility. 
Contact: PeggyC@dal.ca and 902-494-8994.

Improvements in energy efficiency often offset by a rising demand for energy
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Larry Hughes, Professor and Founding Fellow, MacEachen Institute.
Research Specialties: Energy systems analysis, energy security, low-carbon economy.
Contact: Larry.Hughes@Dal.ca and 902-494-3950.

Examining the impact of four-month Quinpool Road closure   
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Ahsan Habib, Associate Professor, School of Planning, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering.  
Research Specialties: Travel behaviour analysis, travel demand forecasting, integrated transportation, road safety and collision analysis, transportation planning and policy.  
Contact: ahsan.habib@dal.ca and 902-494-3209.

New Brunswick homeless shelter bringing mental health workers directly to those in need
Dalhousie Expert: 
Jeff Karabanow, Professor, School of Social Work.
Research Specialties: Homelessness and poverty, housing, international social work, homelessness and trauma, street youth, and street culture. 
Contact: jeff.karabanow@dal.ca and 902-494-1193.