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January 8, 2019

Posted by Darcy MacRae on January 8, 2019

Please find below suggested Dalhousie University experts on current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest for Tuesday, January 8, 2019

North Korea's Kim Jong-un meeting with China's Xi Jinping
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Robert Huish, Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Department of International Development Studies. 
Research Specialties: Global health, North Korea, Cuban development, activism and social justice. 
Contact: huish@dal.ca and 902-494-2979.

Flu season hitting Canada at unexpected, accelerated rate  
Dalhousie Expert
: Dr. Scott Halperin, Director of the Canadian Center for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University. 
Research Specialties: Bacteriology, vaccinology, pertussis, clinical trials, immunization, meningococcal vaccine, influenza vaccine. 
Contact: scott.halperin@dal.ca and 902-470-8498.

‘Dry January’ offers many health benefits 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Niki Kiepek, Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy. 
Research Specialties: Diversity inclusion, health Professional education, substance use.
Contact: niki.kiepek@dal.ca and 902-494-2609.

B.C. court orders new conditions to protect prison inmates' constitutional rights
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Adelina Iftene, Assistant Professor of Law, Schulich School of Law, Health Law Institute. 
Research specialties: Prison law and prisoners’ rights, criminal law and criminal justice, sentencing, evidence, charter rights. 
Contact: aiftene@dal.ca