Why Hire a Co‑op Student?

Co-operative Education connects forward-thinking employers with highly motivated and talented students. Whether you require short-term support for a special project, seek new talent for long-term recruitment or are simply passionate about experiential learning, hiring a Dalhousie co-op student is a highly rewarding and feasible experience.

Benefits of co-op for employers

Meet staffing challenges

  • Boost operations during special projects, peak periods, vacation or leaves of absence
  • Test-drive young talent now to support your long-term recruitment plans
  • Recruit efficiently by using our time-saving co-op employer services

Hire new energy

  • Bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to your workplace
  • Tap into the high-achievers that co-op programs maintain through GPA requirements
  • Leverage Dalhousie’s cutting-edge programs and facilities by hiring students with industry-leading skills

Strategically position your organization

  • Build your brand on campus
  • Create business-education links
  • Invest in your community’s future

The partnership between the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Dalhousie University Engineering Co-op Program is important. It allows young professionals the opportunity to gain valuable engineering experience, while cultivating navy-centric specialized skills.
- Captain (Navy) Michael Wood, Commanding Officer of Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott, Royal Canadian Navy (since promoted to Commodore, managing major engineering projects for the Royal Canadian Navy based out of Ottawa)

Science Co-op students bring enthusiasm and a new outlook on the experiments we perform in our lab. They have energy, are eager to learn, and help us achieve research goals with a smile!
- Dr. Jocelyne Hellou, Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Without exception, we have been fortunate to have fantastic and talented co-op students at T4G Halifax. Co-op students contribute to the positive energy in our workplace, bring new ideas and perspectives to projects, as well as new talent. 
- Tricia McLeod, VP Delivery, T4G

Students who take Co-op have much stronger job and technical skills, and in some cases are two years ahead of their non-co-op counterparts.
- Bill Stanley, Deputy Program Manager, Transportation Engineering, Government of Yukon