Co-op is available in a wide range of programs: 


A foundation of research and innovation equips Dalhousie Science students with the skills and knowledge to tackle major global challenges. Science co-op students apply the latest theories to fields including biotechnology, conservation, agriculture, medicine, meteorology, and economics.

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Computer Science

As technology develops exponentially, demand for high-level tech professionals follows suit. Dalhousie information technology co-op students reach beyond technical programming to stand at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Programs offer specialized skillsets ranging from client relationship management to robust database design in fields including health care, education, business, finance and government.


Problem solvers by design, Dalhousie Engineering students innovate to overcome today’s greatest challenges, whether it’s improving health care, seeking energy solutions, or ensuring safe water supplies. Engineering co-op students work in fields including energy, transportation, manufacturing, construction, mining and product development.

Co-op programs


A unique interdisciplinary program, Sustainability Co-op students bring a new diversity of thought to the workplace. Students combine the strength of their chosen discipline with a deep understanding of today’s sustainability and societal issues.  From tackling climate change to food security, Sustainability Co-op students play a leadership role in creating the conditions for a more environmentally sustainable future.

Sustainability Co-op

Sustainability Work Experience Program


Architecture students are creatively inclined, possessing a passion for design and a strong aesthetic sense. They excel in visual and spatial skills, enabling them to envision and manipulate three-dimensional spaces effectively. They demonstrate resilience and perseverance when faced with challenges, learning from setbacks and finding innovative design solutions. They embrace ethical and social responsibility, aiming to create sustainable, inclusive, and socially conscious designs.

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Eager to make positive, sustainable changes to the world, students develop knowledge and skills that enable them to analyze salient issues facing communities and offer solutions. 

Students think about how to better use land, resources, facilities, and services to secure physical, economic, and social prosperity.

Co-op programs