30 x 30 Nature Challenge

Thank you to all those who participated in this year's challenge!

Stay tuned for more information about next year's challenge.


After this long winter, we could all use some time outside and away from our desk. Time in nature can make us happier, healthier and more productive. Not to mention, busy work environments that require us to sit in front of a screen all day can cause us become exhausted and inactive. Spending just a few active minutes outside and in nature with your friends, family or alone can make you calmer, less stressed, sleep better, and give you the ability to concentrate harder and longer at work. Don't believe us? Check out this infographic that lists all the benefits of nature! 

The 30 x 30 Nature Challenge at Dalhousie University will kick off May 1st and go for the month of May. The challenge encourages staff, faculty and students to spend just 30 minutes per day outside every day for 30 days.  

During the month of May, we will be offering a range of free activities that will get you outside and moving around campus! So stay tuned and check back for a list of guided campus tours, aerobics and meditation classes, and events that will bring you, your department and Dalhousie community closer together! ​

The 30 x 30 Nature Challenge at Dalhousie is supported by Human Resources and the office of the Elizabeth May Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health in Environmental Science. In addition to outdoor activities, we will be organizing a series of talks about the importance of contact with nature on health and wellbeing.

Use the hashtags #DalOutside and #NatureIsCalling to show us how you've been meeting the 30 x 30 Nature Challenge!

Be sure to check out our 30 x 30 Resources page for some inspiration and our 30 x 30 Contest Page to see how you can win weekly prizes!