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Dalhousie Economics Professional Advisory Council

Posted by Economics on October 15, 2017 in News

Dalhousie Economics 2.0

By Tobin Ansong MFin, CFA, FRM, CAIA, DMS

I am writing to introduce the Dalhousie Economics Professional Advisory Council (PAC) to the Dalhousie Economics community.

Sanctioned by the Dalhousie Economics Department in November 2016, this PAC provides innovative thinking from the perspectives of professionals and strengthens the brand and prestige of the department.  Serving as a two-way channel, the PAC keeps alumni informed and engaged with the department’s achievements while providing the department with a unique opportunity to leverage alumni support for strategic initiatives and grow the alumni database.

With a focus on diversity of discipline and industry, the PAC advises students and faculty on matters centered on the three pillars of Outreach, Strategy, and Alumni.  Members have intimate knowledge of industry recruitment practices, and are thus able to provide insight into the relevant skill sets and competencies highly sought after by industry.  The PAC is large enough to divide the time commitment among its many members, ensuring access to all.

Many students are completely unaware of the opportunities available to them such as scholarships, internships and case competitions, unfortunately discovering them only after graduation.  The PAC can therefore be used as a vehicle to steer motivated students on a path that will afford them a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Many firms located in Toronto tend to focus on schools within Ontario, causing graduates from outside the province to work twice as hard to land a job in Canada’s economic powerhouse.  After discussing Dalhousie with a recruiter at a large corporation who responded that her company did not make recruiting trips to Newfoundland, I politely informed her of Dalhousie’s location in Nova Scotia.  The PAC can help bridge the gap between Dalhousie’s graduates and the best jobs in the best locations.

Far too many people believe that their relationship with their university ends the day they walk across the stage.  We aim to convince current students that the bond between them and their University should last a lifetime.  If each alumnus spent a few hours a year helping a current student, a virtuous circle would be created, benefiting alumni, the department, and the industry.

The major goal of the PAC is that within 10 years, graduates of the Dalhousie Economics Department will consistently win top scholarships (e.g., Rhodes and Fulbright), graduate from Ivy League (or equivalent) PhD programs, law and business schools, and find placements at the most elite firms in the world (e.g., KKR, McKinsey, and JP Morgan).

If you are interested in learning more about the PAC, please see the contact info below.

Dalhousie alumni who wish to sign up at PAC website, please contact to get the username and password.


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