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Student Awards Spring 2017

Posted by Economics on October 13, 2017 in News

The following awards were presented to Economics students in the Spring:

John Zhou is the recipient of the Economic Theory Prize.

Marion Boddy is the recipient of the Econometrics Prize.

Zining Wang has been selected as the recipient for the Economics International Student Essay Prize for her essay, "The relationship between the number of books read by Canadians and their education level.”

Thomas McDowell has been awarded the Anonymous Prize for his essay “Labour Economics Term Paper." The prize is awarded to an Economics student or students, not in their last year, who has (have) shown through an essay outstanding promise of successfully applying economics to the solution of human problems.

Riel Tetreault is the recipient of the Principles of Economics Prize.

Robin Brace and Conor Beer are the recipients of the 2016-17 Honours Thesis Prize. 

Boer (Polly) Chen (MA) are Kai Yuan Xie (MA) are this year's recipients of the ULG Rao Memorial Prize in Economics.  

Justin Creamer (MA Alum) and Joseph Raymond (BSc Hons) are this year's recipients of the Economics TA Award.  

The recipients of the Economics Honours Poster Prize were Jean-Luc Lemieux for his poster titled "Social Capital and Crime Rates in Canadian Health Authority Regions"and Joseph Raymond for his posted titled "An Economic Model for Seaweed Harvests in Atlantic Canada."