Past Environmental Science Program Theses

ENVS 4902  Honours Thesis

This is a list of past undegraduate Environmental Science theses. Click on the thesis name for a link to it on DalSpace.












Sean Anderson, How sustainable are emerging low-trophic level fisheries on the Scotian Shelf?
Alexi Baccardax, An Investigation of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Rocky Intertidal Communities along a Kraft Pulp Mill Pollution Gradient in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada after Pollution Abatement
Erin Balser, A partial assessment of the sustainability of the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sonja Bhatia, Envirnmental Assesment of Trees on Dalhousie's Studley Campus and Adjacent Public Lands: an Examination of the Environmental Contribution of Dalhousie's Urban Forest.
Rory Cantwell, Natural Capital Appropriation and Health: Linkages between ecological footprint analysis and human health outcomes in the twenty most highly populated cities in Canada
Anna Cross, Monitoring Changes in the Bird population of Jeremy's Bay Campground in Kejimkujik National park and National Historic Site during an Insect Outbreak
Johanna Kalkreuth, Characterizing Post-hurricane Coarse Woody Debris(CWD) and Overstorey Data in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS.
Jesse MacLean, Riparian Buffers as Habitat for Forest Birds in Southwest Nova Scotia
Ana Morgan, People Power: A study on bicycle driven electrical generation
Christina Thomson, Protecting the Alpine Ecozone: A feasibility Study of Trail Construction and Maintenance on the Whistler Mountain, Jasper national Park, Alberta, Canada
Ericka Wicks, A Feasibility Analysis of a Canadian Plastic Bag Tax


Megan Forward, An assessment of solid waste mangement practices in East Preston, Nova Scotia to investigate the prevalence of illegal waste burning in the community
Anita Ogaa, Evaluating Wetland Goods and Services: The Burnside Engineered Wetland
Lance Richardson-Prager, Metallurgic Engineer The Reasonable Standard of Care for Assessment and Disposal of Building Material Containing Lead-Impacted Paint


Ainslee Emerson, (Poli 4600 Thesis) A Policy review: Do Canada's Oceans Act, Canada's Ocean Strategy and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea create an effective framework for sustainablemarine fisheries in Canada?
Elizabeth Hendriks, Canadian Water Consumption: An Analysis of Federal Water Legislation and Policy in the Wake of Agenda 21
Sarah Malan, Urban Water Sector Reform: An Examination of Private Sector Participation