2020 Earth Ring Recipients

We recognise that these are trying and taxing times across the globe and rapid changes are occurring daily if not hourly. It is has taken an extraordinary event such as the COVID 19 Virus to have us cancel the 20th Earth Ring ceremony and dinner, but we do want you to recognise the significance of your accomplishment.

The Ring which you will be wearing is symbolic of your chosen profession.  The Ring should be worn on your working hand so those who know the significance of the Ring may recognize it. The Ring is new and shiny, bright as are new ideas you will discover, and your degrees. The circle of the Ring represents the Globe and is marked with the crossed hammers of geology, with the seismic trace of geophysics - signifying both the surface and subsurface quest for the Earth’s knowledge. You have been asked if you understand the path you have chosen to be an Earth Scientist and if you also recognise through your education that there is much that is unknown. We ask that you recognise your lawful and ethical responsibility to yourself, your peers, your employer and most importantly society. We ask that you perform your tasks during your career with these ethics guiding you, even though the right path can be obscured and there may be penalties for the wrong choices. You should always strive for these goals, and when your life is run, your labours will reflect that you carried out your work, your craft, to the highest of standards and pride. We welcome you to the joy and fellowship, the effort and the reward of our profession, followed in honour and perfected in integrity.  You are now, as those who at another time have stood before their equals, obligated Geoscientists. Congratulations!

The Officers of the Covenant of the Earth Ring Society
20th March 2020

Bay Berry

Thomas Duffett Taylor Gregory

Jonathan Kabiito
Jessica Mignault
Olivia Rolfe
  Graeme Wach