Brian Hall


PhD., DSc. (New England), LL.D (h.c., Calgary), FAAA, FRSC.

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    aving retired and become emeritus in July 2007 I no longer teach in the undergraduate programme.Time since 2007 has been used in research and writing on embryonic skeletal development and on evolutionary developmental biology, and in removing gout weed from half an acre of Nova Scotia.  

    Two post-doctoral fellows (Andrew Gillis and Kate Rawlinson) and a M.Sc. student (Zabrina Prescott) recently completed their time in the lab. Collaborative projects have resulted in publications in 2013-2015 on secondary cartilage in dinosaurs, the evolutionary origin of the endoderm, a model of condensation formation in skeletogenesis, and nasal cartilage as the pacemaker of human midfacial growth (see publications below).

    In October 2013 I delivered the Thomas S. Hall Lecture in the History of Science at Washington University, St. Louis, MO. In 2014 I was
    Plenary Lecturer at the 20th anniversary of the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB) graduate programme at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. In June 2014 I received an honorary Doctors of Laws (LL.D) degree from the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.


    Recent Post Doctoral Fellows and Ph.D. students Occupations

    •  Former post-doctoral fellow Andrew Gillis is a Royal Society Research Fellow at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

    • Former post-doctoral fellow Ryan Kerney is an Assistant Professorship at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA.

    • Former post-doctoral fellow Cory Bishop is an Associate Professor of Biology at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS.

    • Former Ph.D student Matt Vickaryous is an Associate Professor of Biomedical sciences at Guelph University, Guelph, Ontario.

    • Former Ph.D student Tim Fedak is Director/Curator of the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

    • Former post-doctoral fellow Tamara Franz Odendaal is Professor of Biology at Mt. Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS where she holds the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (Atlantic Region).
    Recent Books written
    • A second edition of Bones and Cartilage: Developmental and Evolutionary Skeletal Biology was published by Academic Press/Elsevier in February 2015.
    • Hall, B. K., and Hallgrímsson, B. (2013) Strickberger’s Evolution 5th Edition. Jones and Bartlett.
    • Hall, B. K. (2010) Evolution; Principles and Processes. Xxii + 442 + 53 pp. Jones and Bartlett, Publishers, Sudbury, MA. Link here

    • Hall, B. K. (2009) The Neural Crest and Neural Crest Cells in Vertebrate Development and Evolution. xxii + 400pp. Springer, New York. BKH and Benedikt Hallgrímsson at Down House

    Recent Books edited

    • Hall, B. K., and Moody, S. A. (2018) Cells in Evolutionary Biology: Translating Genotypes into Phenotypes — Past, Present, Future. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL (to appear June, 2018)
    • Hall, B. K., and Moody, S. A. (2016-) Editors for series of books on Evolutionary Cell Biology: Translating Genotypes into Phenotypes. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL
    • Hallgrímsson, B., and Hall, B. K. (2011) Epigenetics: Linking Genotype and Phenotype in Development and Evolution. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

    • Hall, B. K and Laubichler, M. D. (2009) Conrad Hal Waddington, Theoretical Biology, and Evo-Devo. Thematic issue of Biological Theory 3 (3), pp. 185-289. MIT Press, Cambridge MA

    • Hall, B. K. (2007) Fins into Limbs. Development, Transformation, and Evolution. 433 pp. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Il.

    Selected Journal Publications (past five years)

    Hall, B. K. (2018) Germ layers, the neural crest and emergent organization in development and evolution. Genesis (in press, 2018)

    Seidela, R., Blumberg, M., Pechriggl, E. J., Lyons, K., Hall, B. K., Fratsl, P., Weaver, J. C., and Dean, M. A. (2017) Calcified cartilage or bone? Collagens in the tessellated endoskeletons of cartilaginous fish (sharks and rays). J. Struct. Biol. 200, 54–71.

    Gillis, J. A., and Hall, B. K. (2016) A shared role for sonic hedgehog signalling in patterning skate gill arch appendages and tetrapod limbs. Development 143, 1313–1317.

    Witten, P. E., and Hall, B. K. (2016) Teleost skeletal plasticity: modulation, adaptation and remodelling. Special issue of Copeia devoted to Fishes and Morphology today. Copeia 103, 727–739.

    Bailleul, A. M., Nyssen-Behets, C., Lengelé, B., Hall, B. K., and Horner, J. R. (2015) Chondroid bone in dinosaur embryos and nestlings (Ornithischia: Hadrosauridae): insights on the growth of the skull and the evolution of skeletal tissues. Comptes Rendu Paleoevo (in press).

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    Hall, B. K. (2014) Endoskeleton/exo (dermal) skeleton — Mesoderm/neural Crest: two pair of problems and a shifting paradigm. J. Appl. Ichthyol., 30, 608–615.

    Hashimshony, T., Feder, M., Levin, M., Hall, B. K., and Yanai, I. (2014) Spatiotemporal transcriptomics reveals the evolutionary history of the endoderm germ layer. Nature 519, 219–222.

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    On line lecture

    "Populations of neural crest cells and craniofacial development" with evolutionary implications, given at symposium at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, October 2000.