Towards excellence in the public service

The School of Public Administration offers a number of options for students interested in pursuing graduate studies and advancing their career opportunities. Our graduate programs make it possible to realize advanced educational objectives and to achieve academic ambitions in public policy and public management. For students seeking to work towards careers in the public service, there are also undergraduate options available.

Program offerings

Many courses are available for students seeking either full-time or part-time study, and there are also distance education options.

Connecting students to government

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a provincial capital and the Atlantic hub of Federal Government departments, the School has strong relationships with all levels of government: local, provincial and federal. We partner with the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia to provide students with opportunities for field projects and internships, guest lectures, and hiring opportunities upon graduation.

Interdisciplinary opportunities

Our unique position within the Faculty of Management connects us to the Rowe School of Business, the School of Information Management and the School for Resource and Environmental Studies, providing students with interdisciplinary learning opportunities and course offerings, with a foundation of values-based management.