Our Professors Emeriti


Dr. Paul Brown, Professor Emeritus

Email: Paul.Brown@dal.ca

Selected Awards and Honours

• 2006  Faculty of Management Teaching Excellence Award

• 2006  Pierre de Celles Award for Teaching Excellence. Institute of Public Administration of Canada

Selected Publications

  • Activating public sector ethics in transitional societies: The promise of integrity  Stevulak, C. & M.P. Brown  Public Integrity, 13(2), 97-111  (2011)
  • Activating public sector ethics in transitional societies: The promise of integrity Brown, M.P. & C. Stevulak. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Public Administration, Baltimore, MD, March 14 (2011)
  • Building policy capacity at the Ukrainian Centre: The policy units project Brown, M.P., L. Lozowchuk & V. Nanivska. Paper presented at the 18th Annual Conference of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), Warsaw, Poland, May 12-14 (2010)
  • A Practical Guide to the Policy Cycle in Georgia Sharashenidze, T. & M.P. Brown. Tbilisi: Georgian Institute for Strategic and International Studies (2008)
  • The public service professional in the cyber classroom: The case of the Dalhousie MPA management  Brown, M.P.  In democratic transition: Senior public servants and the political-bureaucratic interface. Proceedings of the XVIIIth International Congress on the Training and Development of Senior Public Servants, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 15-17, pp. 125-9  (2005)


Dr. Jim McNiven, Professor Emeritus

Email: j.mcniven@dal.ca

Research Interests

His most recent research has been in natural resource policy and the relationship of demographic changes to Canadian regional economic development. His interest in American business history has been captured in his recent book, “The Yankee Road: Tracing the Journey of the New England Tribe that Created Modern America”

Selected Publications

The developing workforce problem: Confronting Canadian labour shortages in the coming decades  McNiven, J. & M. Foster  Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, January  (2009)

E-Government and e-governance: The future isn't what it used to be  Marche, S. & J. McNiven  Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 20, 74-86  (2003)

Regional development policy in 15 countries  McNiven, J. & J. Plumstead  Halifax: North American Policy Group, Dalhousie University  (1998)

Developing harmonized statistics to measure interregional competitiveness  McNiven, J. & J. Plumstead  Paper presented at Statistics Canada conference on "Regional Development in the Age of NAFTA", Ottawa, September  (1996)

Directions: The final report of the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation  McNiven, J. (and 9 other commissioners)  Ottawa: Dept of Supply & Services  (1992)


Dr. Paul Pross, Professor Emeritus

Email: cpross@eastlink.ca

Research Interests

The role of public interest groups (charities and advocacy groups) in policy formation and democratic processes; the business and regulation of lobbying.

Awards and Honours

• 1999 - Professor emeritus
• 1995 - Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Honorary Life Member
• 1995 - Vanier Medal (awarded: service to the field of public administration)

Selected Publications

The intellectual legacy of J.E. Hodgetts  Gow, J.I., A.P. Pross, V.S. Wilson, C.E.S. Franks & O.P. Dwivedi  Canadian Public Administration, Spring  (2011)

Roadworks: The construction of Canada's lobby laws  Pross, A.P. Keynote address, Conference on Lobby Regulation sponsored by the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists of BC and Simon Fraser University, December (2011)

Open at both ends: Compliance issues in Canadian lobby regulation  Pross, A.P. A discussion paper prepared for the Commissioners and Registrars of Lobbying. Annual Meeting, September 12-14, St. John’s, Newfoundland (2010)

Law and innovation: The incremental development of Canadian lobby regulation  Pross, A.P.  In O.P. Dwivedi, T. Mau & B. Sheldrick (Eds.), The Evolving Physiology of Government: Canadian Public Administration in Transition.  Ottawa: Carleton University Press  (2009)

Comparative review: Building blocks for enhancing transparency and accountability in lobbying  Pross, P.  Chapter 2 (pp. 31-80) in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Lobbyists, Governments and Public Trust: Building a Legislative Framework for Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Lobbying. Paris: OECD  (2008)