Developing public sector leaders

Policy analysts and government managers and executives increasingly have one thing in common, an education in public administration. If you want to be prepared to succeed in the public sector then Dalhousie has what you need to get your foot in the door.

The School of Public Administration provides strong foundational training in all aspects of public management and policy making, which fosters the development of future public sector leaders. With a long history, yet forward-looking in its adoption of new approaches, the School will prepare you to lead, manage and change the future of public administration in Canada. Cutting-edge facilities, award-winning faculty and paid work experience are available to prepare you to make a difference.

The required courses educate students in all areas of administration, from accounting to human resource management to organizational design. The policy courses not only teach the process of sound policy analysis, but also provide you with the qualitative and quantitative concepts and tools necessary to undertake it.

Located in one of the best universities and one of the most energetic and liveable cities in the country, Dalhousie’s School of Public Administration offers an indelible student experience.