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Grading Systems and Good Standing

Under the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the requirements of the School of Business Administration, MBA students are required to achieve a grade of B- or better in all classes taken. Grades submitted for classes taken outside Dalhousie by letter of permission must conform to Dalhousie standards; that is, a grade of “C” recorded in another institution’s transcripts will be treated as a “Failure” (below the minimum passing grade of B-) on the Dalhousie transcript.

Students who fail more than one course may not continue in the program unless reinstatement is recommended by the school and approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations in the calendar for further details. In these cases, students must reapply for readmission. A second failure in the program, regardless of when such failure occurs, will normally result in immediate dismissal from the MBA program.

Within two weeks of the first meeting of a class, each instructor shall make available a written description of the method of evaluation to be used in the class. In any class for which 25 percent or more of the evaluation is based on group work, there will be an exam that must be passed.

Special examinations may be granted to students only in the case of illness supported by a medical certificate. Medical certificates must be submitted at the time of the illness and will not normally be accepted after a lapse of one week from the date of the examination.

Students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment and registration and to follow the Student Code of Conduct.

For a complete overview of Dalhousie University’s Regulations consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at www.dalgrad.dal.ca/regulations/