Program Details

Below are the core requirements and general timeline for students who started the Bachelor of Commerce program since September 2007. Slightly different academic requirements exist for students who began before September 2007. Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office for course requirements for students who started prior to September 2007.

Please visit our courses page for the complete list of all the courses offered in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Please note, the table below is an overview of the program. A printable worksheet is available.

NOTES: Non-Commerce electives are any subject outside the Faculty of Management (COMM, MGMT, BUSI).

1 Three half-credit (3 credit hour) Non-Commerce electives can be at any level.
2 Three half-credit (3 credit hour) Non-Commerce electives MUST BE at or above the 2000 level.
3 Major requirements that are not Commerce courses will satisfy Non-Commerce electives. All 8 Commerce electives (at or above 2000 level) must be completed to graduate.
4 Free electives can be either Commerce, at or above 2000 level, or Non-Commerce electives at any level.