Program Details

Below are the degree requirements and general timeline for students entering the Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program in Fall 2020. Slightly different academic requirements exist for students who began before this time. Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office if you have questions ( 

Visit our Courses page for the complete list of all courses offered in the Bachelor of Commerce Co-op program.

Students who entered the program before September 2020 will typically use this printable worksheet

Please note, this table is an overview of the program for those entering in September 2020.  Students can also reference this printable worksheet.

Year Fall Winter Summer

COMM 1010 - Business in a Global Context

COMM 1101 - Introductory Accounting I: Financial

COMM 1503 - Intro to Quantitative Decision Making

COMM 1711 - Personal & Professional Development I

ECON 1101 - Principles of Micoreconomics


COMM 1102 - Introductory Accounting II: Managerial

COMM 1712 - Personal & Professional Development II

COMM 1715 - Business Communication OR Elective

ECON 1102 - Principles of Macroeconomics





Elective1 OR COMM 1715 - Business Communication 

COMM 2202 - Finance I

COMM 2401 - Intro to Marketing

COMM 2504 - Intermediate Quantitative Decision Making

COMM 2603 - Legal Aspects of Business

COMM 2801

(Prerequisite of
13 half-credits (must include COMM 1711, COMM 1712 & COMM 1715, plus at least
7 half-credits of required core courses from the first three academic terms)


*Elective(floating, see note below)

COMM 2203 - Finance II

COMM 2303 - Intro to Organizational Behaviour

COMM 2310 - Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

COMM 3501 - Operations Management

COMM 3511 - Management Information Systems


COMM 3801

(Prerequisite of 18 half-credits earned. Must include COMM 2801 plus at least 12 half-credits of required core courses from the first four academic terms)

COMM 3500 - Advanced Quantitative Decision Making

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3


COMM 3802

(Prerequisite of
at least 23 half-credits earned. Must include COMM 3801 plus at least 14 half-credits of required core courses from the first five academic terms)


COMM 4353 - Strategic Management

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3


Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3

Comm/Mgmt Elective3



NOTES: Non-Commerce electives are any subject outside the Faculty of Management (COMM, MGMT, BUSI).

1 Six half-credit (18 credit hours) Electives can be at or above the 1000 level.
2 Two half-credit (6 credit hours) Electives MUST BE at or above the 2000 level.
3 Ten half-credits (30 credit hours). Electives MUST BE either Commerce or Management at or above the 2000 level.

*Elective in winter 2nd year is "Floating". Therefore, can be moved to any work term or academic term in 3rd or 4th year. Email for details.

Students wishing to declare a minor (in another subject outside the Faculty of Management) should consult the appropriate department/faculty.