Major in International Business

In addition to the core courses, students must complete the following non-Commerce electives: 

  • Language Requirement 6 credit hours (X/Y) - (at a level appropriate to knowledge, as determined by Dept. concerned)

Plus one of:

  • ECON 2213.03** - Emerging Giants: The Economic Rise of China and India
  • ECON 2219.03** - Euros and Cents: From Common Market to European Union
  • ECON 2334.03** - Globalization and Economic Development: Current Debates

**Courses outside Commerce, such as Economics and languages, are counted as Non-Commerce or Free electives.

Plus the following four: 

NOTE: Students must also complete one academic term or one work term in a country that is not their primary residence.

Career options for International Business majors

In business, many opportunities exist in other countries and cultures. That's why employers seek well-trained individuals who have the skills necessary to transverse our borders. Potential career options include:

  • business strategy consultant
  • finance advisor
  • foreign market analyst
  • international trader
  • management consultant
  • stock analyst