W. Dominika Wranik

Professor, Associate Dean Research; Chair, Public & International Affairs Department


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Email: dwl@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-3764
Fax: 902-494-7023
Mailing Address: 
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Ave, PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2

Research Topics:
  • Motivations and incentives in public service
  • Motivations and incentives in health care professions
  • Primary care organizations
  • Health policy and economics
  • Health technology assessment



  • PhD (University of Manitoba)

Research Interests

Dr. Wranik's research interests revolve around the application of economic principles to the design of organizations, teams and policies. She focuses on measuring and explaining the motivations of professionals in the public service, including government and health care. For example, she leads a study that will describe how motivations in public service evolve over a person's career and how this is influenced by their general life course. She also leads a knowledge synthesis (realist review) of the literature on public service motivation, its antecedents and outcomes. Furthermore, her research team will measure how uncertainty tolerance influences public service motivation and associated outcomes of burnout and job satisfaction. In the past, Dr. Wranik's work assessed the design and impacts of financial, governance and organizational models on the functioning of primary care teams and behaviours of individual providers. Dr. Wranik is a member of an advisory committee to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, where she participates in making recommendations regarding public funding of new cancer drugs. She has published research investigating the functioning of the drug funding decision process in Canada and Europe.  

Selected Awards and Honours

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant (2022 to 2025) - Study title: Staying Motivated: A life-course analysis of the career paths of Canadian public servants. Principal Investigator: W. Dominika Wranik (Dalhousie University); Co-Investigators: Isabelle Caron (Dalhousie University); Rosemary McGowan (Wilfird Laurier University); Linda DeRiviere (University of Winnipeg); Joan Grace (University of Winnipeg); Maude Boulet (Ecole national d'administration publique); Sara Filbee (Institute on Governance)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant (2022 to 2023) - Study title: Governing under uncertainty: Are uncertainty tolerant public servants more altruistic? Principal Investigator: W. Dominika Wranik (Dalhousie University); Co-Investigators: Isabelle Caron (Dalhousie University); Dana Kabat-Farr (Dalhousie University); Colin Conrad (Dalhousie University)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Team Grant (2021 to 2024) - Study title: Living with cystic fibrosis in Canada: What does it really cost individuals, the healthcare system and society? Principal Investigator: Sanja Stanojevic (Dalhousie University); Co-Investigators: W. Dominika Wranik (Dalhousie University)  Quon; Rabi;, Sadatsafavi; Steele; Stephenson
  • Genome Canada, Genomics in Society Interdisciplinary Research Teams Competition (2020 to 2024) - Study title: Canadian Network for Learning Healthcare Systems and Cost-Effective ‘Omic Innovation (CLEO); Principal Investigators: Dean Regier (BC Cancer Research; University of British Columbia), Tania Bubela (Simon Fraser University), Timothy Hanna (Queen's University); Co-Investigators: W. Dominika Wranik (Dalhousie University) and a team of other co-Investigators.

Selected Publications

  • Mah CL. Foster K. Jago E. Hajizadeh M. Luongo G. Taylor N. Fuller D. Yi Y. Olukorede TE. Lukic R. Clarke M. Wranik WD. Brimblecombe JK. Peeters A. 2022. Study protocol for CELLAR (COVID-related eating limitations and latent dietary effects in the Atlantic Region): population-based observational study to monitor dietary intakes and purchasing during COVID-19 in four Atlantic Canadian provinces. BMJ Open. 27(12):e061660 
  • DeRiviere L. Wranik WD. Grace J. 2021. Gender and public sector careers: the motivations of Master of Public Administration students. Canadian Public Administration, 64(3):360-388.
  • Wranik WD. Szekely RR. Mayer S. Hiligsmann M. Cheung KL. 2021. The most important facilitators and barriers to the use of health technology assessment in Canada: a best-worst scaling approach. Journal of Medical Economics, 24(1): 846-856
  • Wranik WD. Peacock S. Gambold L. Uncertainty tolerance among experts involved in drug reimbursement recommendations: Qualitative evidence from HTA committees in Canada and Europe. Health Policy, 125(3):307-319.  
  • Wranik WD. Jakubczyk M. Drachal K. 2020. Ranking the criteria used in the appraisal of drugs for reimbursement: A stated preferences elicitation with health technology assessment stakeholders across jurisdictional contexts. Value in Health, 23(4):471-480 
  • Wranik WD. Price S. Haydt SM. Edwards J. Hatfield K. Weir J. Doria N. 2019. Implications of interprofessional primary care team characteristics for health services and patient health outcomes: A systematic review with narrative synthesis. Health Policy, 123(6):550-563
  • Wranik WD. Zielińska D. Sevgur S. Gambold L. 2019. Threats to the value of health technology assessment: Qualitative evidence from Canada and Poland.Health Policy, 123(2):191-202

Current Teaching

  • PUAD 5130 - Managerial Economics
  • PUAD 6450 - Economics of Health Policy