Anika Cloutier

Assistant Professor

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Phone: 902-494-3276
Fax: 902-494-1107
Mailing Address: 
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Ave, Room 5094
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Leadership
  • Leader emergence
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Work-family interface
  • Mental health
  • Gender


  • BA Psychology (Honours) and Applied Language & Discourse Studies (Honours) (Carleton)
  • MA Psychology (Carleton)
  • PhD Management (Queen's)

Research Interests

Professor Cloutier’s research centres on leadership. She considers antecedents to leadership emergence (who becomes a leader?), barriers to leader role occupancy (who does not become a leader?) and predictors of leadership behaviour (why do some leaders behave well, and others badly?). She examines how employees' home-life, mental health and gender affect these leadership outcomes.

Selected Publications

  • Leadership issues in flexible work. Cloutier, A. & Barling, J. In S. Norgate & C. L. Cooper (Eds.), Flexible work: Designing our healthier future lives. Taylor & Francis, Routledge  (2020)
  • Leaders' mental health at work: Empirical, methodological, and policy directions. Barling, J. & Cloutier, A. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology 22, 394-406  (2017)
  • People, they are a changin': The links between anticipating change and romantic relationship quality. Cloutier, A. & Peetz, J. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 34, 676-698  (2017)
  • Spicing up the relationship? The effects of relational boredom on shared activities. Harasymchuk, C., Cloutier, A., Peetz, J. & Lebreton, J. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 34, 833-854  (2017)
  • Relationships' best friend: Links between pet ownership, empathy, and romantic relationship outcomes. Clourier, A. & Peetz, J. Anthrozoös 29, 395-408  (2016)

Awards & Honours

  • 2019-2020  Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • 2019  Senior PhD Student Research Excellence Award, Smith School of Business
  • 2018  The Johnson A. Edosomwan Leadership Institute Award for most promising research in leadership
  • 2018  D. D. Monieson Fellowship
  • 2016-2019  SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship

Current Teaching

  • BUSI 5305 - Managing People
  • COMM 2303 - Organizational Behaviour