Why Dalhousie Executive Education

Action Learning

The Executive Education team brings years of proven experience in offering relevant and engaging programs that focus on Action Learning ("learning by doing"). 

Program participants are focused on applying action-based, practical solutions to real life issues. These practices develop leadership competencies and allow both participants and the organization to see immediate results.

The design and organization of our courses is grounded in four major areas of leadership focus:

  • Self Management: Individual and self leadership
  • Engagement: The individual’s relationship with others, colleagues, teams, the organization and stakeholders
  • Complexity: The ability to manoeuvre through complex organizations, undertake multi-stakeholder engagement (partners/customers/suppliers), and to think systematically
  • Innovation and Commercialization: The ability to creatively address and solve complex issues and find innovative ways to implement solutions

Components include elements such as self-observation, self-reflection, self-assessment and self-correction. These practices develop leadership competencies, and include opportunities to leverage new knowledge and skills and apply them to the participants’ professional tasks and workplace.

Our Approach

Our award-winning curriculum design and delivery model is based on:

  • Focused needs analysis and consultation with our industry and employer partners to clearly understand their goals and priorities
  • Adaptive leading-edge curriculum to ensure learners acquire the latest and most innovative thinking
  • An executive model of delivery that emphasizes experiential and integrated learning
  • The development of an Individualized Effectiveness plan to set clear personal goals and link these performances
  • Multiple opportunities for reflection and application planning